Orlando Furioso, Volume 2

Orlando Furioso, Volume 2

Ludovico Ariosto

Language: English

Pages: 634

ISBN: 2:00139607

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Translated by Barbara Reynolds

A dazzling kaleidoscope of adventures, ogres, monsters, barbaric splendor, and romance, this epic poem stands as one of the greatest works of the Italian Renaissance.

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In the Wet











Though now to satisfy her was beyond His power, this he would return to do. But honour may be injured in a trice: To satisfy it then no years suffice. 7 Ruggiero goes to Arles, where Agramant Deploys such troops as still remain to him. The warrior-maids, Marfise and Bradamant, Joined now in fond and sisterly esteem, Set off to where King Charles attempts to daunt The foe by mustering his force; his scheme Is by a battle or by siege to free The land of France from her long agony.

Respond, One to Calandra; in the next two bays, Whence water trickles with a pleasing sound, Two women stand, alike in blood and race, Alike in honour, loveliness and grace. 86 Elisabetta one of them is named, The other Leonora; they will bring To Mantua, as Virgil’s birthplace famed, No less renown (the marble lettering Predicts); the first for whom this legend claimed Such glory is upheld by two who sing Her praise: Iacopo Sadoleto and Pietro Bembo. Beneath the other stand.

Event. And on Frontino mounted was anew. They rode for days, and many countries passed, Then came to France, and Paris reached at last. 62 Outside the city walls, Leon prefers To set up his pavilion and at once He gives instructions to his messengers To ride to Court to tell the king of France He has arrived; when Charles these tidings hears, He visits him and courteous gifts presents. Leon explains why he has come today And begs that matters be arranged straightway. 63 He asked.

Ruggiero to Agramante, 75; XXXI.44; saved in sea battle by Agramante, XL.8; Orlando knows he is in possession of Agramante, 57 BRITAIN: XXVI.39; XXVII.9 BRUNELLO: his thefts, XXVII.72; how he stole Frontino, 84; recognized and seized by Marfisa, 85–90; her claim to punish him, 91–3; is carried off by her, 94–9; spared by Marfisa, is executed by Agramante, XXXII.7–9; 33; XLI:26 BRUTUS: XXXVII.19 BUCIFAR, King of Algaziers: XXXVIII.35–6; XXXIX.19; taken prisoner by Astolfo, 21;.

Can I describe the many true Congratulations and endearments of King Agramante, on this triumph, to The knight without whose help he could not move His many troops from Africa to sue For vengeance and their mighty prowess prove? Now that King Agricane’s son was dead, Ruggiero in his eyes all others led. 71 Nor did such praise come only from the men, But women gathered round him eagerly Who with the troops of Africa and Spain Had come to France to keep them company, And Doralice,.

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