The Storm (The NUMA Files)

The Storm (The NUMA Files)

Clive Cussler, Graham Brown

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 042525965X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The thrilling new novel in the New York Times bestselling Kurt Austin Adventures…

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, a NUMA research vessel is taking water samples when a crew member spots a patch of black oil ahead of them. But the substance is not oil.

Like a horde of army ants, a swarm of black particles from the spoiled sea suddenly attacks, killing everyone aboard while the ship goes up in flames.

A few hours later, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on their way to the Indian Ocean. What they find on the smoldering hulk of the ship will eventually lead them to discover the most audacious scheme they have ever encountered: a plan to permanently alter the weather on a global scale. The insidious plot will kill millions…and it has already begun.

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A decade of adventures together. They’d been in endless scrapes and fights and faced dozens of moments that loomed like utter disaster until somehow they’d managed to turn the tide, usually at the last second. Kurt had risked his life many times to pull Joe out of the fire. Joe had done the same for him. Somehow, that gave them the right to needle each other mercilessly in the downtime. “The way you snore,” Kurt said, “I don’t know if an air horn would do the trick.” Thirty minutes later,.

Continuous problems or did something suddenly go wrong?” “I’ll find the logbook and the GPS unit,” Paul said. “I’ll check the cabins,” Gamay said. Joe moved to the driver’s seat. He flicked a few switches. Nothing happened. “Power’s out.” Kurt glanced around. The catamaran had two solar panels on the roof, which seemed to be intact. In addition, a small windmill high in the mast was spinning freely. The system should have had juice even if there was no one around to use it. “Check the.

Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver. The self-cocking revolver was a sturdy weapon with deadly accuracy. It wouldn’t jam even after months in the desert sand. He tried to think of a way to reach it. “Then I’ll give you everything,” he said, “just for him. And you can go free.” “You have gold hidden here,” Masiq said as if it were a known fact. “Tell us where it is.” Khalif shook his head. “I have no gold.” “Lies,” the second bandit said. Masiq began to laugh, his crooked teeth and decay-filled.

Yet, from that rugged face came a piercing gaze. The directness of Kurt’s stare and the brilliance of his coral-blue eyes often caused people to pause as if taken by surprise. Right now, those eyes were studying a labor of love. Kurt was building a racing scull. Thoughts of performance ruled his mind. Drag coefficients and leverage factors and the power that could be generated by a human being. The air around him smelled of varnish, and the floor was littered with shavings, wood chips and.

Year,” Gamay said. “This madman has done what people have sought to do for all eternity: he’s taken control of the weather, turning it away from its normal pattern.” Marchetti sat down awkwardly. He all but collapsed on the edge of the seat. “And he’s used my design to do it,” he said. He looked over at them. The billionaire with overflowing confidence was gone, as was the proud designer with the bold ideas and even the rational engineer. All the different personas seemed to vanish before their.

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