Andersen Prunty

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1933929758

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After ten years, Hansel Nothing returns to his boyhood home, unable to remember anything that has happened to him since he left. Back home, he stays in Zerostrata, a treehouse in the backyard. The Nothing family is as dysfunctional and depressed as ever. His mother keeps a cat on her head and incessantly munches prescription medication. His father has left the house to pursue a career as a superhero. His brother has become a shut-in, brooding in the darkened basement. Hansel realizes, after a life of sadness, a life only half-remembered, the only thing he wants is for himself and his family to be happy. But what type of bizarre world must he enter to obtain this happiness?

Halo: The Flood (Halo, Book 2)


The Templar Legacy (Cotton Malone, Book 1)

The Hour of the Gate (Spellsinger, Book 2)

The Last Mandarin (Far East Trilogy, Book 2)





















You never used to see that.” “Dad said I flew once when I was little.” “I don’t remember.” “Yeah. Maybe this is why I never really liked Zerostrata that much, either. When it was first built, you took me up in it and I promptly ran out the door and off the elevator the first time your back was turned. Dad said he saw the whole thing from his study window. He said I fell about halfway down the height of the tree and then stopped in midair before flying to the porch.” “How did it go today?”.

Her to the front of the house. A yellow school bus waited out on the curb. The bus driver saw us and pulled the doors open. Gretel walked up the wide rubberized stairs first and I followed her. She whispered something into the bus driver’s ear as we sat down in the wide green seat behind him. The bus driver wore a fake mustache, sunglasses, and a curly brown woman’s wig. He was creepy looking. It was hard for me to imagine him driving a bus load of kids around. He fought hard to stay awake.

It also captured her dreams.” “Wow,” I said. “Are all of the dreams captured?” “From all the people?” “Yeah.” “Most of them. Some people never dreamt and those 99 Andersen Prunty are the only sad tombstones in here. The dreams are pretty various. Some people thought of grand things that could never have existed. Some people were just slightly ahead of their time, dreaming of inventions that wouldn’t be invented for another ten years. Some were amazingly behind their times, dreaming of.

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