Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive; Or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails

Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive; Or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails

Language: English

Pages: 92

ISBN: 152293085X

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Victor Appleton was a popular author in the 20th century, but Victor was not a single individual. instead, that name was used as a pseudonym by the Stratemeyer Syndicate to put out the popular Tom Swift series.

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Just where Koku was, it would have been hard to tell. Although a fine and penetrating rain was falling, the giant might be roaming about the waste land surrounding the stockade of the works. The elements had no terrors for him. Tom locked his portfolio and stepped into his bathroom to wash his hands before retiring. Before he snapped on the electric light over the basin he chanced to glance through the newly set windowpane which had replaced the one Rad had shattered in escaping threatened.

Unexpected occurred. For the past ten minutes he had forgotten about the test of the Hercules 0001 which Tom had promised. With a blast of its siren the huge electric locomotive burst out of the shed and thundered around the track. It smote Ned Newton's mind suddenly that the inventor was going to "take a chance" on this evening and try to get some speed out of the huge machine. The electric headlight cast a broad cone of white and dazzling light across the yard. It suddenly struck full upon.

The watchman. "You had every right in the world to try to cut those wires, of course, and get into the yard of the works. Sure! The judge will believe you all right." Ned was, meanwhile, staring closely at the fallen man. Tom had come down from the locomotive and was close to the fence. "Who is he?" demanded the inventor. "Not O'Malley?" Ned stepped to the fence and whispered: "It's the other fellow. The little chap with the Vandyke. He's dressed like a tramp, but it's the same man." "Is he.

Afternoon and waved a "highball" to the waiting electric locomotive on the sidetrack. "Dispatcher says you can have Track Number Two West till the four-thirteen, westbound, is due. I'll slip the operator at Cliff City the news and he'll be on the lookout for you as well as me, Mr. Swift. Go to it." Every man on the system was interested, and most of them enthusiastic, about Tom's invention. The latter knew that he could depend upon this operator and his mate to watch out for the western-bound.

In that moment! If the crash was serious, thousands of dollars might be lost! In truth, Tom Swift apprehended the possibility of a disaster, the complete results of which might put the test of his invention forward for weeks—perhaps for months. Nor could he do a thing to avert the disaster. He had reversed and set the brakes immediately after the last wheel of the trailer was on the siding. Nothing more could he do as the great electric locomotive bore down upon the solid timber at the far end.

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