The Dragon's Mark (Rogue Angel, Book 26)

The Dragon's Mark (Rogue Angel, Book 26)

Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

Language: English

Pages: 167

ISBN: 2:00306503

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Archaeologist Annja Creed and her sword have never been outmatched--until now. An assassin known as the Dragon wields a bloodthirsty sword that should be feared. Eventually the two swords must meet, and only one shall triumph.

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Listening for sounds of someone moving about inside, but didn’t hear anything. Emboldened, she stepped inside the apartment, and closed the door behind her with her foot. She called forth her sword and, with it in hand, she made a thorough search of the premises. When she was satisfied that she was alone, that the thief had long since fled, she sent the sword away and tried to make a list of what was missing. It didn’t take long. Her Blu-ray player, her Xbox console and a few other assorted.

And then she struck. Stepping out of the shadows, she grabbed him by the shirtfront and hauled him back into the pipe, using her momentum to slam him against the nearby wall hard enough to make his teeth rattle. Half a second later she had the tip of her sword against his throat. “You’ve got ten seconds to start talking,” she said, applying a little pressure to the blade for emphasis. “No need for violence, Ms. Creed,” a familiar voice said in response. Lowering her sword, Annja stepped back,.

Ms. Creed.” So they were back to Ms. Creed now, were they? “I have half a mind to just leave him there, Henshaw. He was playing games with my life!” Wisely her companion remained silent. After several minutes, Annja said, “Okay, we both know that I can’t leave him in her hands any more than you can, no matter how angry I am. So let’s figure out the rest of this plan and call it a night.” They talked for another hour, getting everything straight so that when the time came they both knew what.

Passion she had been hiding inside for years exploded. She clung to him, losing herself in his touch and his taste and his very closeness. Her love for him knew no bounds and she had prayed for years that this day would come, but had never actually believed that it would. His hands found the ties of her kimono and deftly released them, sliding the garment off her shoulders to let it pool on the floor at her feet. His lips traced their way down her neck and Shizu nearly screamed in delight.

Could see a wooden bridge extending out to a small hump of an island that reminded her of a turtle’s back, but it was the building standing right at the water’s edge that drew her like iron to a magnet. The viewing pavilion was a large, wooden pagoda-like structure made in typical Japanese fashion. The wood had been stained a deep brown and stood out against the trees without being conspicuous or seeming to be out of place. A vermilion-colored torii, or floating gateway, could be seen in the.

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