They Found Atlantis

They Found Atlantis

Dennis Wheatley

Language: English

Pages: 275

ISBN: B000K116TS

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Atlantis: for centuries the magic of that name has haunted man's imagination. Now, an incredible expedition is being prepared. Its destination: the final resting place of the ancient gold-encrusted city – one mile beneath the surface of the sea. For the lovely Camilla and her band of adventurers the days to come are full of danger. Ahead lies the silence of the unknown Deeps – and a nightmare of terror and betrayal.

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Escaped by swimming upwards, were caught in the current and drawn down through the narrow opening into harbours especially constructed to take the catch. It was your good fortune to be engulfed in such a haul when the main tunnel was nearly full and thus conveyed safely through the automatic locks, instead of being swept below in the first great spate of waters. If that had happened you would have been carried past the harbour entrance and dashed to pieces, or left submerged in the miles of.

Contemptuously ‘the turtle doves’. The thought that one of the beautiful Atlantean girls could surrender her every moment to ‘that dry stick of a Count who was not even really handsome’ which was his view of Axel, while another would not even grant him half an hour alone, was a never ceasing torture. The island was not large enough for him to get clear of the others for any length of time, and he was constantly coming upon them in attitudes which did not shock him in the least but inflamed his.

His life, had worshipped Wisdom. The thought of needing the chart to find their way had been sufficient to excuse him to himself when he took it, because he did not know that Lulluma would prove so sure a guide, but now, as he faced her in the darkness, he knew that he would have told her that he meant to do so if he had not been impelled to the theft by a second motive. “Give it to me” she said. He pulled it from beneath his shirt where he had been carrying it and handed it to her. A shout.

To do. “All right,” she said, “fire away.” “Well you don’t have much of a life—do you?” “How exactly do you mean?” “You’re entirely dependent on Camilla—and at her beck and call all the time.” “Yes—I suppose I am. Anyhow for the moment.” “Why for the moment only.” “Well I might marry you know.” “Yes,” he said slowly, “you might but not before Camilla.” “Thank you Nicky.” “Oh no offence, but the odds are all on her—aren’t they.” “Yes, I suppose they are.” “I’d hate to see her marry.

Her?” “Sure,” Nicky declared airily, “I love her lots and I’m not after her cash like those other two. I make the sort of big money that most folks would be mighty glad to have.” “Even then I hardly like to influence her judgment, besides—after all—I might get married myself and then I wouldn’t need the cheque—would I?” “Oh nuts. It’s always good for a girl to have her own income. She can tell her old man where he gets off if he starts any rough stuff then. And who could you marry anyway.

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