Forbidden City (Rogue Angel, Book 5)

Forbidden City (Rogue Angel, Book 5)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 167

ISBN: 2:00307269

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A stunning artifact holds the key to an untapped power of global destruction ... While working on a dig in the California wilderness, archaeologist-adventurer Annja Creed uncovers evidence of a tragedy that's linked to Chinese miners during the days of the Gold Rush. A sudden attack on the site by shadow figures drives Annja to find the connection to a mysterious buried city in China. Lured by legends of gold, betrayal and the vengeance of a Han Dynasty overlord, Annja travels on the Orient Express, battling avaricious treasure hunters and a modern-day descendant of an ancient league of assassins. Her adversaries will stop at nothing to stake their claim on the fabled lost city, where a Han leader's dark past promises doom for those who dare to reveal its evil power.

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Him into the bed-and-breakfast had told him the residence was over one hundred and forty years old, as if that were supposed to be something impressive. The United States was less than three hundred years old. China's history stretched back thousands of years. The deputy sat in his cruiser. After a moment, he turned on a light and started to read a magazine. Clearly, he wasn't going anywhere. Huangfu lowered his binoculars. He didn't mind. The plan was to see what Annja Creed did. If she left.

Occasion, both." Roux paused. "I need to see the inscription that was on the back of the belt plaque." After a moment's hesitation, Annja printed an enlarged image of the back of the belt plaque. Although she trusted Roux to an extent, she never knew what that extent was. He always seemed to know more than she did about the things he was interested in, and he only doled out what he reluctantly decided she had to know. Like the nature of whatever weapon it was that fell into Sha Wu Ying's hands.

Truly been made of stone and wasn't too deep to reach with the tools she was using. **** It took less than an hour to find the root cellar. Stepping off the measurements of the house, assuming that the cellar was under the center of the building and was entered from the back, Annja quickly located the area where she believed the building Ban Zexu had been murdered in had once stood. She had stripped off her fleece-lined coat, finding it too hot to work in. Huangfu had divested himself of his.

Go back out the way we came in." "Except that Ngai will have posted guards," Kelly said. "Not to mention that we'd have to get through the large chamber unseen. And I don't hold out a lot of hope for that." "Ngai isn't after us," Hu said. "He wants what's in the building out there. If he gets it, perhaps he'll leave." "And perhaps he'll take time to kill witnesses," Roux pointed out. Hu fell silent. "Either way," Annja said, "it's in our best interest to cut down the odds some. You keep the.

Sprayed the chests and shelves. Trapped in the room, the gunfire sounded deafening. Then the sharp, rattling reports were punctuated by loud booming sounds. One of Ngai's warriors went down, fluttering like a broken kite. Another swiftly followed. Roux, Annja realized, recognizing the basso reports of the heavy hunting rifle. She reached for her sword. Ngai's warriors turned, seeking Roux, thinking him to be the most dangerous threat. Some of them scattered, looking for places to hide. Garin.

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