The Moosewood Cookbook: 40th Anniversary Edition

The Moosewood Cookbook: 40th Anniversary Edition

Mollie Katzen

Language: English

Pages: 248

ISBN: 1607747391

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Moosewood Cookbook has inspired generations to cook simple, healthy, and seasonal food. A classic listed as one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks of all time by the NeYork Times, this 40th anniversary edition of Mollie Katzen's seminal book will be a treasured addition to the cookbook libraries of fans young and old.

In 1974, Mollie Katzen hand-wrote, illustrated, and locally published a spiral-bound notebook of recipes for vegetarian dishes inspired by those she and fellow cooks served at their small restaurant co-op in Ithaca, NY. Several iterations and millions of copies later, the Moosewood Cookbook has become one of the most influential and beloved cookbooks of all time—listed by the New York Times as one of the best-selling cookbooks in history, inducted into the James Beard Award Cookbook Hall of Fame, and coined a Cookbook Classic by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Mollie’s Moosewood Cookbook has inspired generations to fall in love with plant-based home cooking, and, on the fortieth anniversary of that initial booklet, continues to be a seminal, timely, and wholly personal work. With a new introduction by Mollie, this commemorative edition will be a cornerstone for any cookbook collection that long-time fans and those just discovering Moosewood will treasure.

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Fruits ahead of time, sprinkle generously with lemon or lime juice. DEAD-OF-WINTER FRUIT SALAD: If you want to have a fruit salad in the off-season, and you’d like it to be more interesting than just apples and bananas, try using frozen unsweetened fruit. Plastic bags of various berries, pitted cherries, and sliced peaches can usually be found in the frozen foods section of larger supermarkets. Frozen berries give off delicious and deeply-hued juice as they defrost (empty the bag into a bowl.

Tbs. red wine vinegar � to 1 tsp. salt 1 to 2 medium cloves garlic, minced freshly ground black pepper � tsp. basil � cup finely minced parsley 2 Tbs. fresh (2 tsp. dried) dill Pickled Red Onions (below) 1) Place the beans in a medium-sized saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and cook, partially covered until tender but not mushy (1 to 1¼ hours). Drain well, and transfer to a medium-sized bowl. 2) Add remaining ingredients, mix gently, and taste to correct.

Prepare (w/ fresh pineapple) OR 5 minutes (w/ canned) —Yield: 2 cups --> Combine everything, cover tightly, and refrigerate. This keeps a long time. For an exotic taste sensation, try spooning a little of this onto a bowlful of Brazilian Black Bean Soup. Mango Salsa 10 minutes to prepare Yield: � cups 2 Tbs. finely minced red onion 2 cups boiling water 1 average-sized (about 6 inches long) ripe mango (if you’re lucky enough to find one)—about 1½ cups minced 2 Tbs. fresh lime juice 1.

Zucchini (about two 7-inchers) 2 eggs, beaten (OK to delete one or both yolks) � cup flour � cup grated mozzarella � cup grated parmesan OPTIONAL: pinches of basil, marjoram, and/or rosemary 2 Tbs. olive oil TOPPING SUGGESTIONS: extra olive oil 1 large ripe tomato, sliced extra mozzarella, sliced or grated 2 to 3 large cloves garlic, thinly sliced sautéed mushrooms thinly sliced bell peppers sliced olives 1) Preheat oven to 400°F. Generously oil a 10-inch pie pan and coat lightly.

Processor. 6 Tbs. vegetable oil—OR � cup melted butter—OR oil spray 1½ lbs. tart apples (about 8 medium ones), peeled and chopped � cup sugar A pinch of salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 3 Tbs. fresh lemon juice 1 Tbs. grated lemon rind � cup minced walnuts, lightly toasted � cup fine bread crumbs � cup raisins (optional) 1 cup grated cheddar (optional) A 1-lb. package filo pastry 1) Preheat oven to 375°F. Brush a baking tray with a little of the oil or melted butter, or spray it with oil spray.

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