Daughters of Maeve: 50 Irish Women Who Changed the World

Daughters of Maeve: 50 Irish Women Who Changed the World

Gina Sigillito

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0806527056

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For Hundreds of Years...In Ireland and the New World...
Irish Women Have Made a Difference

From ancient times to the present, Irish women have made their mark in times of peace and war, in Ireland and America. With their accomplishments largely ignored by the history books, these extraordinary women have fought for equality, struggled for independence, and met the challenge of nation building. Courageous, passionate, creative, able to stand tall on the battlefield--and in the kitchen--their stories will inspire brave women everywhere, for the daughters of Maeve have achieved remarkable feats against incredible odds. Meet women such as--

Brigid . . . saint and patroness of Ireland
Grace O'Malley . . . pirate queen of Connacht
Queen Maeve . . . ancient warrior
Clara Dillon Darrow . . . suffragist
Mother Jones . . . union leader
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy . . . U.S. first lady
Sinead O'Connor . . . singer
Mary Robinson . . . president of Ireland
Maureen O'Hara . . . actress
Sandra Day O'Connor . . . Supreme Court justice
Maud Gonne . . . Irish revolutionary

This indispensable reference will move, instruct, and empower readers to reach for their dreams as they stand on the shoulders of great Irish women.

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Your rights.” Four days later, the British government deployed soldiers to Northern Ireland to quell the growing violence on the streets. It was supposed to be a temporary measure; those British forces still patrol the streets today. When Bernadette arrived at Parliament, she was appalled by the old-boys club it had become; and the British MPs were appalled by her “brash” behavior. As she recalls, “It wasn’t long before people discovered the final horrors of letting an urchin into Parliament.”.

Interest in labor unions and the struggle of the working man. She had been attending Knights of Labor meetings during her time in Chicago, and in 1873 the American worker was in deep need of help. Workers in Chicago and Pittsburgh began protesting for higher pay and better working conditions, but they were too unorganized to make any kind of impression. But in the next decade, the U.S. economy would plunge into another depression and the pivotal events of the Haymarket riots and the government’s.

To him for weeks. Joyce also praised her, saying, “You seem to turn me into a beast,” and declared, “You are my bride, darling, and all I can give you of pleasure and joy in this life I wish to give you.” Tired of being alone, Nora threatened to leave. Joyce begged her to stay and promised never to leave her again. Over the next few years, Nora and James continued to struggle financially, but insisted on living in some luxury. Nora always dressed in the finest clothes and cared deeply about her.

Establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency and the eradication of DDT. It also sparked a new term and a new movement: environmentalism. As Peter Matthiessen observed in Time magazine’s Top 100 of the Century, “Before there was an environmental movement, there was one very brave woman and her very brave book.” Rachel Louise Carson was born in 1907 on a small family farm in the Pittsburgh suburb of Springdale. As a child, she spent many hours learning about ponds, fields, and forests.

Holiday—the drugs, the abusive childhood, and the tragic death—few realize that this icon of the music world was the granddaughter of an Irish slave owner. While she has been identified as one of the music world’s great black singers, she also identified with her Irish roots and would come to embrace them throughout her life. Blessed with impeccable phrasing and a cornet-like voice, Billie would go on to change the world of jazz for female vocalists forever. She also redefined what it means to be.

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