Churchills: A Family at the Heart of History - From the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill

Churchills: A Family at the Heart of History - From the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill

Mary S. Lovell

Language: English

Pages: 640

ISBN: 0349119783

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There never was a Churchill from John of Marlborough down who had either morals or principles', so said Gladstone. From the First Duke of Marlborough - soldier of genius, restless empire-builder and cuckolder of Charles II - onwards, the Churchills have been politicians, gamblers and profligates, heroes and womanisers. The Churchills is a richly layered portrait of an extraordinary set of men and women - grandly ambitious, regularly impecunious, impulsive, arrogant and brave. And towering above the Churchill clan is the figure of Winston - his failures and his triumphs shown in a new and revealing context - ultimately our 'greatest Briton'.

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(2) Lilian Hammersley (Duchess Lily) 1854-1909 1 I Charles (Sunny) = (1) Consuelo 9th Duke Vanderbilt daughters from 1892 1877-1964 1871- 1934 (2) Gladys Deacon 1881-1977 I I John Albert (Bert) = (1) Mary Cadogan Ivor 10th Duke 1900- 1961 1898-1956 from 1934 1897- 1972 (2) Laura Charteris 1915- 1990 ,I Wmston 1874-1965 I = Jo~n (Jack) 1880-1 947 Clementine Hazier Bertie (Goonie) 1885- 1941 1885- 1977 I I Randolph 1911- 1968 (2) June Osborne 1922-1 980 Diana = (1) John Bailey 1909-.

The Chamber: Mr Parnell [Leader of the Irish Party]: Three!' Lord Randolph Churchill: 'FOUR!!' (laughter) 72 THE CHURCHILLS Randolph was master of the short, memorable phrase, and one such, which stuck and did the victim little good, was his description of Gladstone, the 'Grand Old Man', as 'an old man in a hurry'. Jennie now came into her own as a political hostess, and in this guise she made her own impression on British politics. True, her father-in-law worried about her guest lists. He.

Destined to be the love of her life. He was a handsome and debonair Austrian nobleman, a former *He had suffered from chest infections and asthmatic attacks since the age of five. tIn fact, Winston was always notoriously poor at French. 5: A CAREER THROWN AWAY 83 cavalry officer turned diplomat who had everything Jennie sought in a man: good looks, breeding, charm, education, a love of music and he was a dashing sportsman. Randolph, too, possessed many of these qualities, but he lacked the.

With him was clean, except his reputation.'4 It had not taken Blandford long to run through the money he had raised from the sale of Blenheim's finest art treasures. Within four years it was clear that he had to find another huge sum to keep himself and Blenheim afloat. Now, at the suggestion of an acquaintance, an obvious solution presented itself: during his visits to America he was introduced to an apparently endless supply of rich American girls - why not marry an heiress? Perhaps secretly he.

Admitting to his brother that money was the only thing in life that really worried him - that is, his own extravagant tastes versus his 'diminished resources'.!O Despite the diversions he mentions in his letters - which for his fellow officers endowed with adequate funding and being waited on hand and foot no doubt made life in India under the Raj an extremely pleasant one - Winston felt every hour that passed was an hour wasted. He constantly pressed Jennie to help him with *In fact, Jack never.

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