The Brainiacs (Space Scout)

The Brainiacs (Space Scout)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1921848022

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When kids in the annual Smartest Kid in the Universe competition start disappearing, Kip suspects foul play. Can he get to the bottom of it, or will he be the next victim?

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Hoverport, where MoNa was docked. Soon the UniTaxi dropped Kip off inside MoNa’s landing bay. Kip jumped out and strode through the airlock into MoNa’s main cabin. ‘So…you’re battling the Universe’s smartest kids,’ MoNa’s voice chirped over the loudspeaker. She saw and heard everything Kip did while he was onboard. ‘Are you sure your head will fit through that door?’ she added. Kip rolled his eyes and didn’t answer. He felt a paw on his shoulder. It was Finbar, Kip’s second-in-command, or.

Said Clevor and Geekatron were just rivals,’ Kip answered. ‘But if Geekatron are firing missiles, it sounds like they really hate each other. Wonder why?’ Kip considered the situation. If things between Geekatron and Clevor were bad enough for the planets to be firing at each other, he was putting himself and Finbar in danger by landing on Clevor. But if he flew back to Earth without competing, he’d lose the chance to show the universe that humans were friendly and clever. Only hours into his.

Technicality – and vanished. Kip’s turn came around faster and faster as more aliens were eliminated. He identified alien flags. He remembered the president of the planet Flemm (the name sounded like clearing your throat). But every round he won meant that another alien kid disappeared. I’ll see if I can find out from the Clevor contestant what’s going on, he decided. Then Kip realised something weird. He hadn’t seen a single contestant from Clevor! He knew Clevor and Geekatron had to be kept.

They were too worried I’d beat him.’ ‘Wow,’ Kip said. ‘You must be furious.’ Furious enough to fire a stink missile? he wondered to himself. ‘Clevor says we cheated in the first-ever quiz,’ Zut said. ‘As if! We win because we’re clever and we study hard. Clevor are the cheaters.’ ‘Lunch is served,’ interrupted a brainy Clevor waiter with a smile. He put down glasses of clear, frothy liquid. ‘Hope you lovely kids are enjoying your time here.’ He nodded politely to the Geekatron alien and.

When he was a kid! Kip thought. I wonder if he got the job of quizmaster to seek revenge. ‘He expected to find you in that chair,’ Finbar whispered. ‘You weren’t there, so now he’s looking for you.’ Then Einstein’s headset bleeped. He paused, listening to the voice on the other end. ‘Alllllll-righty then,’ he said in his quizmaster voice. ‘See you in a moment.’ ‘He’s leaving!’ Finbar whispered, squinting through the peephole. ‘Lucky,’ Kip said. ‘Maybe he was called back to hosting duties.’.

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