Orders is Orders (Military & War Short Stories Collection)

Orders is Orders (Military & War Short Stories Collection)

L. Ron Hubbard

Language: English

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ISBN: 1592122337

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The Chinese city of Shunkien is under siege, the Japanese military laying it to waste.  In the middle of the city sits the American consulate, a fragile sanctuary packed with refugees, threatened not only by artillery, but by the ravages of starvation and cholera.

200 miles away, on the USS Miami, stands their only hope—Marine Gunnery Sergeant James Mitchell.  As tough as Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan—and just as stubborn—if anybody can negotiate a crucial supply of gold and medicine through 200 miles of bullets, bombs and butchery, it’s Sergeant Mitchell. 

But the Japanese are the least of his problems.  First there’s Goldy Brown, the American fan-dancer who’s hitched along for the ride—a girl as unpredictable as her skirt is tight.  And then there’s the greatest enemy of all: alcohol.  Mitchell has a weakness for the bottle, and if he falls into one, it’s America that will pay the price.  

As a young man, Hubbard visited Manchuria, where his closest friend headed up British intelligence in northern China.  Hubbard gained a unique insight into the hostile political climate between China and Japan—a knowledge that informs stories like Orders Is Orders. In addition, he served as a First Sergeant with the 20th United States Marine Corps Reserve—giving him first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a Marine.

“Originally published in 1937, this tale is a splendid audio, filled with sound effects, Asian-inspired music, and lively characterizations.”

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Lingo and I sling the lead. This ain’t no tea party, sister.” “You’re tellin’ me?” Mitchell’s height was taut. His lean, tan face was stiff and the Chinese rapid-fired out of his mouth like a 1917 Browning. “He sounds like a native,” said the girl. “How come?” “His pa was a missionary around here once.” She seemed to find this very funny and Toughey growled, “Shut up. We ain’t out of this yet by a hell of a ways.” Mitchell was walking straight into the officer, and the Chinese, faced.

Said Toughey disinterestedly. “Maybe we can rest here a day or so.” “No sir. We got to be in Shunkien by Saturday and if we want to make it, the rests are gonna be few and far between.” She sighed and sought solace in the smoke, eyeing Toughey. His big, battered face with its broken nose and lopsided jaw interested her. She’d never seen a man as big as Toughey. “You’re a funny duck,” she decided. “Who?” “You. Somebody tells you to deliver a keg to a town two hundred miles away and you.

To bluff his way through the Japanese lines around Shunkien. His lack of orders would make it hard. What would he tell them? He began to struggle with the cork. He needed a drink to steady him down. Just one and then he’d quit. Again he looked at the reverend’s nodding pate. He frowned a little. He was so tired he couldn’t sleep and everything was passing in review behind his eyes. It seemed only that morning that he had slid through the mission gates to head for the coast and the States. He.

Pulled it off. Goldy swallowed hard and knelt beside Toughey. The reverend started to get down beside Mitchell but the sergeant thrust him away. The bone was broken above the ankle in a compound fracture and Mitchell looked at it with hopeless eyes. He pulled the ring of the first-aid packet and then seemed to remember something. “Lemme see,” begged Toughey. Goldy held him down. “No. It’s not as bad as it looks. You’ll be all right, big boy.” “Father,” said Mitchell in a hard voice. “You.

Stories across an array of genres and pulp titles, he adopted fifteen pseudonyms in addition to his already renowned L. Ron Hubbard byline. ______ Winchester Remington Colt Lt. Jonathan Daly Capt. Charles Gordon Capt. L. Ron Hubbard Bernard Hubbel Michael Keith Rene Lafayette Legionnaire 148 Legionnaire 14830 Ken Martin Scott Morgan Lt. Scott Morgan Kurt von Rachen Barry Randolph Capt. Humbert Reynolds In evidence of exactly that, by 1936 L. Ron Hubbard was literally leading.

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