Marlfox: A Tale from Redwall

Marlfox: A Tale from Redwall

Brian Jacques

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0142501085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A villainous new presence is aprowl in Mossflower Woods-the Marlfoxes. Stealthy and mysterious, they are out to plunder and destroy everything in their path. And when they reach Redwall Abbey, they ruthlessly steal the most precious treasure of all-the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. It takes Dann Reguba and Song Swifteye, children of warrior squirrels, to follow in their fathers' heroic footsteps. Together with the young shrew Dippler, and Burble the brave watervole, they embark upon the seemingly impossible quest. . . .


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Himself rather than betray any information.’ The shrew stood staring at the spot where the rat had gone down. ‘Yore right, Swifteye. Let’s go an’ get some sleep. Mayhap we’ll find the answer to all this when we reach the Abbey of Redwall.’ The Wandering Noonvale Companions’ cart was stuck up to its axles in mud. Florian wrung rain from the hems of his frock coat and bellowed mournfully. ‘Oh, calamity, folly and woe unto us! Abroad on a night like this in the midst of a hurricane, nay a.

Suggest m’self. Right, troupe, breakfast. Elachim, get a fire goin’. Runktipp, see to the larder, the rest of you make y’selves busy, wot. Quick’s the word an’ sharp’s the action, wot wot!’ Runktipp spread the meagre rations on the bankside where Muggle was boiling water over the small fire Elachim had kindled. The hedgehog scratched his head spikes. ‘Ain’t enough grub left t’keep a fat bumblebee goin’.’ Deesum glanced at the two shrivelled apples, dandelion stalks, a stale loaf of ryebread.

Out creekmud and wrinkled his nose at Dippler. ‘Don’t give us much choice, do ’e, mate?’ One of the ferrets by the bough suddenly sighed and flopped down for no apparent reason. Raventail cocked his head quizzically. ‘Wotmarra wirra dat’n?’ Before he could enquire further another ferret went down. This time the thud of the slingstone was loud and obvious. ‘Redwaaaaaalll! Regubaaaaaa!’ Even as the piercing warcries rang out from the cover of the trees, another two ferrets were laid flat by.

Blocking the doorway through which the trio had just exited. ‘Friar, Deesum, Sloey! Git those Dibbuns to the wine cellars. Cregga, you an’ the elders hold this door. Every other able-bodied Redwaller, foller me!’ Florian brushed past him in high indignation. ‘Hmph! Just what I was about t’say m’self. Don’t anticipate my orders in future. Thunderin’ bad form, sir!’ Tragglo Spearback could not help raising his eyebrows as he patted Borrakul’s back. ‘Ho dearie me, you’ve got mister Florian really.

Vannan had made a serious mistake in her talks with him. She had admitted that Marlfoxes could be slain. Vannan, Ascrod and Predak sat surrounded by their water rat soldiers, watching the vermin horde dancing and chanting around a blazing log. Evening shadows, combined with the eerie flicker of flames, cast a wild and primitive air on the proceedings. Weasels, stoats and ferrets leapt and stamped, pounding the earth until a dustcloud rose around them, flinging their weapons high in the air and.

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