Deadly Currents (RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery, Book 1)

Deadly Currents (RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery, Book 1)

Beth Groundwater

Language: English

Pages: 203

ISBN: 1445838117

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A new series from award-winning author Beth Groundwater

The Arkansas River, heart and soul of Salida, Colorado, fuels the small town's economy and thrums in the blood of river ranger Mandy Tanner. When a whitewater rafting accident occurs, she deftly executes a rescue, but a man dies anyway. Turns out, it wasn't the rapids that killed him—he was murdered. Tom King was a rich land developer with bitter business rivals, who cheated on his wife, refused to support his kayak-obsessed son, and infuriated environmentalists.

Mandy's world is upended again when tragedy strikes closer to home. Suspicious that the most recent death is connected to Tom King's murder, Mandy goes on an emotionally turbulent quest for the truth—and ends up in dangerous waters.


"A remarkable book by an author who clearly knows and loves her territory. Don't miss it!" —William Kent Krueger

"Comes rushing at you from the first page like roiling whitewater, and culminates in a riveting climax that lives up to this book's name. If you like outdoor adventure and gripping characters, this one's a must-read."—SANDI AULT, Mary Higgins Clark and WILLA Award-winning author of the WILD Mystery series

“A heart-racing debut with as many twists and turns and unexpected upsets as a ride through the rapids itself.”—MARGARET COEL, author of The Silent Spring

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Brilliant blue sky. She lathered the sunscreen on thick, even though no matter what she used, or how often, by the end of the season she ended up as brown as a chestnut mare. They launched their catarafts at the Buena Vista town ramp and intended to take out at AHRA headquarters in Salida, about thirty miles downriver. By ten o’clock, they were tied up a few yards upstream of the Fisherman’s Bridge put-in for the Brown’s Canyon run and bobbing in the undulating water. The spot was the.

Navigation or cause log jams.” Trying to show some enthusiasm for the time-consuming process, Mandy rubbed her hands together. “Let’s get started.” Over an hour later, she straddled a large lower limb of the cottonwood, which gently undulated in the current. Her feet hung in the cold water, but the hot sun caused sweat to bead up on her forehead and slide down to sting her eyes behind the safety glasses. Steve had monkey-walked efficiently up and down the trunk, but after slipping a few.

Their diplomacy skills and status as law enforcement officers weren’t enough to calm down agitated tourists. During her lunch break, Mandy rushed over to the Final Touch Day Spa for her manicure appointment. The unassuming red brick building sat behind the Super Bowl Lanes facing Highway 50. On the window by the front door was a drawing of a woman’s graceful hand holding a flower. When Mandy walked in the door, a wind chime tinkled in the breeze, announcing her presence. A white jarred.

“Don’t bother.” Mandy spooned coffee granules into her cup and poured in hot water. “The way things go around here, it’ll break, too.” She sat, slathered peanut butter on her toast, and took a bite. She savored the comforting smooth stickiness. “How much do you think the news will hurt business?” “It’ll scare off some customers—especially your uncle’s.” “And they’ll blame his company for the death.” “The man was in your uncle’s raft.” “Shit.” Mandy threw down her.

Best of things. Anyway, a brunette and a blonde are walking along in a lovely park, like this yard here. The brunette says suddenly, ‘Awww, look at the dead birdie.’ The blonde stops, looks up, and says, ‘Where?’” Mandy chuckled, then looked up. “I hope there aren’t any birds sitting in this tree, preparing to drop a bomb on us.” “Lovely thought.” They waited until Nate’s wife had finished her task and left the room. “Where’s she gone to now?” Cynthia asked. “My legs are.

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