HTML: A Beginner's Guide (5th Edition)

HTML: A Beginner's Guide (5th Edition)

Wendy Willard

Language: English

Pages: 513

ISBN: 0071809279

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Essential HTML skills—made easy!

Thoroughly updated and revised, HTML: A Beginners Guide, Fifth Edition shows you, step by step, how to create dynamic websites with HTML. The book covers new HTML5 features, including video, audio, and canvas elements. Learn how to structure a page, place images, format text, create links, add color, work with multimedia, and use forms. You'll also go beyond the basics and find out how to work with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), create dynamic web content with JavaScript, upload your site to the web, and code HTML emails. By the end of the book you'll be able to build custom websites using the latest HTML techniques.

Chapters include:
• Key Skills & Concepts—Chapter-opening lists of specific skills covered in the chapter
• Ask the Expert—Q & A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips
• Try This—Hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills
• Notes—Extra information related to the topic being covered
• Tips—Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
• Self-Tests—End-of-chapter reviews to test your knowledge
• Annotated syntax—Example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated

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Internet. When you want to preview a page, open your web browser and choose File | Open File (or Open Page or simply Open, depending on your browser), and then browse through your hard 02-ch02.indd 25 2/14/13 2:02 PM BeginNew-Tight / HTML: A Beginner’s Guide, Fifth Edition / Wendy Willard / 927-9 / Chapter 2 26 HTML: A Beginner’s Guide drive until you locate the HTML file you want to open. (Note: If you don’t see any File menus in IE, try pressing the alt key to reveal those menus.

H2 Selector font-family Property verdana Value {font-family: verdana;} Declaration And here is how they all fit together to tell the browser to display all level-2 headlines in the Verdana font: h2 {font-family: verdana;} To specify the font size, color, and style (italic), we simply add on a few more of those properties: h2 {font-family: verdana; font-size: 14pt; color: blue; font-style: italic;} At this point, you can probably start to see the pattern—a CSS property is followed by a colon,.

Want to change the background color of a page? A. A style applied to all p tags B. A style applied with an ID selector C. A style applied to the body element D. A style applied with a class selector 03-ch03.indd 55 9. Which takes precedence when there are conflicting style declarations? 10. Which takes precedence when there are conflicting style declarations? A. An inline style B. An internal style sheet C. An external style sheet D. A browser.

The pre tag can be quite useful for displaying code examples or even creative illustrations. Figure 5-7  You can use multiple br tags to add as many breaks as you want to your page. 05-ch05.indd 94 2/14/13 2:08 PM BeginNew-Tight / HTML: A Beginner’s Guide, Fifth Edition / Wendy Willard / 927-9 / Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Chapter 5:  Page Structure 95

 This text will display exactly as I type it. Watch this: x | o | o --------------x | x | --------------o | | x 

Here’s how one.

Size of your images. ●● 08-ch08.indd 173 In Firefox/Mozilla for the Mac and PC, as well as in Safari for the Mac  First, load the image by itself into the browser window (choose File | Open or File | Open Page and locate the image file on your computer). Then, look at the top of the browser window 2/14/13 2:19 PM BeginNew-Tight / HTML: A Beginner’s Guide, Fifth Edition / Wendy Willard / 927-9 / Chapter 8 174 HTML: A Beginner’s Guide where the title is usually displayed. When you view an.

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