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Home provides us shelter and protects us from unkindness of weather. It safeguards us from natural hazards such as storms, cyclones, rain and sun. Home is a place where love and kindness prosper. Everyone wants that his home should not only be durable and sturdy but also saves him from clod and hot weather. He wants his home should be warm during winter and cold during summer. He wants his home durable and comfortable. He wants his home should be resistant both from inside and outside. All these requirements can be fulfilled when all the factors, such as home structure, residents, and motorized systems will work together as a unit.

The walls, roof, base of the home and floor are basic structure of your home. The basic structure should be strong and capable of providing strength to the remaining parts of your home. The structure should be strong enough that will not deteriorate for decades. The windows and ventilators are most important part of your home. Windows allows light and fresh air to come in and ventilators acts as exhaust for hot air.

To spend a comfortable life in home, it is essential that energy flow should be appropriate. Proper energy flow will help you to cut down the cost of electricity bills. Think there is not a proper system for electricity flow, what will happen then? Your refrigerator will not work properly resulting in food decay, you won’t be able to warm your meal in microwave, and your nights will be sleepless with out air conditioner. Your life will become miserable without electricity.

In this era, where everyone is living hand to mouth, higher prices of commodities and lower income are the curse for everyone. You cannot do anything expect to cut down your expenses and save money. Unemployment is soaring, if luckily you are earning you must save your money in order to cope with unwelcomed circumstances.

Energy became the most important element of our lives. You can not consider a day without home energy. The rising prices and lowering income has forced to consider every possible way to save energy. There are some tips that will help you to save home energy. By applying these ideas, you should be able to save tremendous dollar amount. By applying these ideas practically will help you to owe peaceful life. During day time, do not use tube lights or bulbs in your home; make the appropriate use of sunlight. At night use of energy savers will be most appropriate. Unplug all the appliances when they are not in use. Use net screens on windows and doors for fresh air.

Above all, energy saving equipments is also available in market that will help you to save great amount of energy.

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