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With the rapid development of modern technologies, man has become more and more dependent on machines that not only save you from arduous activities but also provide quality work in no time. Even in an average house there would be a great number of appliances and machines that comfort life. Yet these devices add a handsome amount to your utility bills each month and ultimately you have to earn more to pay off these expenses. Increasing tariffs of electricity is engulfing a large amount of disposable income. It’s time to think different and consider other available energy sources that have several advantages over conventional energy.

Since the beginning of human evolution, man has been searching for ways that could work efficiently for him with little effort. The invention of wheel, lever and other simple machines gradually gave rise to modern developments and advanced energy production plants.

Windmills have been in use for many decades and used to provide energy to grinding mills. The safest and most economical way of energy conservation. Now the engineers have produced new designs of windmills that optimally utilize the blowing wind and are powerful enough to support a full household unit. Yet you can install smaller versions of windmills near your house and can store energy of electrical devices. The greatest benefit is of course no monthly bill; all you have to bear is onetime expenses of erection.

If you think for a second about the greatest source of energy, you might probably end up concluding it’s the atomic power. Think again! Don’t forget to regard the greatest fire ball that is providing energy to all beings on Earth. Yes! It’s the Sun whose blazing heat is strong enough to run all machines of your house. Developed countries are now producing solar panels on large scale and are encouraging commercial and residential units to install solar panels in their buildings. These panels can store energy and are powerful enough to keep a house functional at night too.

Besides erecting solar panels on houses, solar cells are now used for many appliances and devices. This inexpensive and trouble-free way of storing and using energy is now becoming the upcoming trend in the energy sector.

On large dams, water is used to spin turbines that produce electricity. This perfectly environment friendly electricity production method can be used to empower houses. Even in remote areas people uses their own small turbines, on foundations and waterfalls, which are sufficient for their energy requirements. Energy produced through water is called hydropower.

An alternative to gas used at homes, is biogas, which is produced by burning various organic matters in the absence of oxygen. Waste materials, plants and manure can be used to produce energy that can heat house in minimal cost.

As is said ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, these alternative energy resources can really cut your monthly cost of electricity and gas bills. Most of these are onetime expense and you only have to bear fixed cost to enjoy peace of mind for the rest of your life. Scientists and engineers are working to make these alternative resources perfectly functional for residential units and their production on commercial scale will bring down their prices soon.

Moreover, these sources are eco-friendly and do not emit any harmful substances in air neither do they deplete natural resources. So your contribution toward the protection of this planet is so beneficial and cost effective too.

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