Don’t Spend too Much on Electricity!

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Modern era has really provided us the luxuries and comforts that our ancestors can never even imagine. For every task to be done there is a different kind of device available that can perform it efficiently and readily. But of course cost is attached to each and everything in life so these appliances do not work for free. They need food. Obviously! The electricity, which is getting expensive day by day; many people realize that they give a large slice of their disposable income in account of electricity bills.

After all so many things in your life run on this costly energy source. Sure you can’t produce electricity yourself but there are some changes that you can make to cut your energy costs.

If you just calculate the average amount you spend per annum to pay off your electricity bills, you’ll get an approximate figure of $1600. Surprised? If you are thinking that after spending whole day at office how come your house consumes this much electricity, then the doubt is justified to some extent but let’s just take a look at what causes high bills. On first position lie the electric appliances that aren’t switched off even when not needed. Have you noticed that you don’t turn of T.V or lights or Air conditioner when you leave your room for some time? Of course you plan to show up quickly but meanwhile you spend so many units and that too in vain. When you’re are done with your work, turn your Pc off immediately as it will keep on consuming units while you’re talking on phone or reading magazine.

Even if you’re in a hurry make sure you have switched off all the electric devices that are not currently in use. You’ll be surprised to notice the effect it will make on your bill.

Switch off T.v and stereo system from the main switch, because they consume a significant amount of electricity even in standby mode. When you have charged your mobile phone or any other device, pull the switch out of the socket as passive chargers use electricity. Beware of the biggest shareholder of your electricity, your heating system. Before going out anywhere, keep them low or turn them off.

Why should you pay for something that isn’t doing any good to you? If you are reluctant to do so because of the chilly weather and you don’t want a ‘cold welcome’, set up a heating system with an inbuilt thermostat, which can stabilize the temperature automatically and even have timers in them. Close windows and ventilators during night and make optimum utilization of sunlight during day.

With these, apparently small measures, you can save a lot. Use energy savers instead of ordinary electric bulbs. Go for onetime expense and purchase automatic lights that have timers and can even sense the right time to be switched off on their own. Use your washing machine or dishwasher only when you have piled up items that justify cost of electricity. Otherwise wash them manually and save money. Let the dishes dry up in air instead of using a dryer.

With these small tips you can save huge costs, reduce your electricity bills and can go for shopping with your friends or spend elsewhere. Choice is yours.

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