Home Energy Utilization

Today, “Expensive” is one of the appropriate words used by people to describe home energy bills. It looks like that the electricity cost is kept on getting higher day by day. This is why people need to search and go for alternative means of energy sources. On the other hand, government is constantly telling the public that the search for other energy sources may not be economical too. At times, the cost of one type of unconventional energy source is just not reasonable enough to be surveyed by the government.

There is also the difficulty of transition from the usual energy sources to the unconventional one. Several people are doubtful about any new mean of energy source. They usually prefer to stick with the old conventional electric sources. But, the public is gradually persuading to the alternative side of energy sources basically due to the high price of energy consumption at homes.
Of course, new power technology will take some time to be ideal. Meanwhile, there are numerous things you can do to reduce your home energy utilization.

In 2001, the department of energy in USA has accomplished a survey on the home energy consumption of American households. With this data one can at least get an insight of the electric appliances, which are more energy costing. The climate control is at the top of the list. The USA households use about 355.7 billion kWh just to keep them cool or hot. This is about 31.2% of the total energy utilization of a single house.

Whenever you make use of an air-conditioner or electric heater/ furnace you shouldn’t turn the thermostat at higher temperature; you are not living on the North Pole or equator. Keep both the things off when you are not at home. You can reduce a great deal of your home energy expenditure just by turning such appliances off when you really do not need them.

Now, come to the kitchen, where appliances count for 26.7% of total home energy expenses. Obviously, you may not turn off your refrigerator when you are out of the house, could you? No problem; there a range of alternatives, which will surely help you in reducing reduce the electric bill.

Do not leave the refrigerator door open because it can increase your house energy utilization. The fridge will consume more electricity to maintain its inner temperature as cooling rushes out if the door remains open for long time.

Water heating system costs about 104.1 billion kWh of electricity use. You can have cold water showers as billion of people across the globe are utilizing it. Try to use other alternatives of electricity to heat the water required for any purpose. The solar heaters can save a lot of energy. You can go for it to heat your water. These may also be linked to power small electrical devices.

Lighting counts for about 8.8% of the whole energy consumption of any house. Try to use energy saving appliances and also do not keep lights on uselessly.

So, just by very little effort you can save a lot on your home energy consumption.

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