Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm

Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm

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Crooked Hills

Darkspell (Deverry, Book 2)

The Last Town (Wayward Pines Trilogy, Book 3)


Tusk the Mighty Mammoth (Beast Quest, Book 17)

From The Rubble













What do you want to do now?’ Sherlock thought for a moment. ‘I was thinking of going over to Amyus Crowe’s cottage. I think he ought to hear what’s happened. We should also probably let him know about those American men who were looking for him in the market earlier. They did mention his name.’ Matty shrugged. ‘He might have some advice on what to do if Josh Harkness decides to hang around and take his lost money out of your hide,’ he said. ‘And I suppose it would be nice to see Virginia.

Them guide your fingers.’ Sherlock raised the violin to his shoulder again, tucking it into the gap between his neck and his chin. He let the fingers of his left hand find the strings at the end of the neck. He could feel how hard his fingertips had become under Stone’s relentless tutelage. He brought the bow up and held it poised above the strings. ‘Begin!’ Stone said. Sherlock gazed at the notes on the page, but rather than trying to understand them he let his gaze slide through them,.

Driver. The driver stayed in the carriage.’ ‘With the two men who kidnapped us from the park still in the tenement block,’ Sherlock finished, ‘the cart should still be here.’ The three of them looked at each other for a moment, then rapidly headed for the alleyway that Sherlock had pointed out. The alleyway opened out on to a dirt road that led away into the distance. On the other side of the road was a stretch of unkempt ground where a handful of bony, hollow-eyed horses were grazing on.

About what kissing her would be like, but the reality was so much more than he had ever imagined. The weight of her body in his arms, the warmth of her lips locked against his, the smell of her hair . . . he felt overwhelmed. His mind was unsure what to do, but he suddenly realized that his body was already kissing her back without instructions. She broke contact suddenly, not pushing him away but stepping back. He might have taken it as a rejection except for the fact that her hands were.

News,’ Macfarlane said. There was something grim about his voice, and his previous good humour had evaporated. ‘I owe you, laddie, as we agreed. The problem is, I’m not in a position to pay and you’re not in a position to collect.’ Sherlock was about to ask what he meant, to point out that they had a deal, but he suddenly realized that most of the eyes in the room weren’t looking at him or at Macfarlane, but were looking past him, towards the door. Already knowing what he was going to see, he.

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