The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice)

The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice)

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 0142427314

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ranger's Apprentice, the international sensation, comes to a close in this twelfth installment.

For fans of Tolkien, Redwall, Game of Thrones, and T.H. White, RANGER'S APPRENTICE delivers fantasy-adventure thrills with real-world historical details.

John Flanagan returns for one final bow to the series that has conquered millions of readers worldwide with this pulse-pounding adventure that brings one era to a close, and ushers in the next 

Will Treaty has come a long way from the small boy with dreams of knighthood. Life had other plans for him, and as an apprentice Ranger under Halt, he grew into a legend—the finest Ranger the kingdom has ever known. Yet Will is facing a tragic battle that has left him grim and alone. To add to his problems, the time has come to take on an apprentice of his own, and it’s the last person he ever would have expected. Fighting his personal demons, Will has to win the trust and respect of his difficult new companion—a task that at times seems almost impossible.
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Maintain her balance, but now she straightened and moved faster until she reached the second switchback. She picked her way carefully around it. There was only twenty metres to go now and she’d be at the bottom. She forced herself to concentrate. With the end of the track in sight, it was tempting to relax and rush. Yet she continued her slow, careful pace, crouching once more, feeling the ground twist underfoot as she stepped on larger rocks, occasionally sinking into unexpected dips and ruts in.

Let’s give you and your family something to stick your ribs together, eh?’ Holding his soup bowl and ale high to avoid bumping them against the people seated at the tables, the wagoner made his way to the very rear of the marquee, close by the sandstone walls of the great manor house. He sat at the last table, on his own, facing the front, where he could see new arrivals as they entered the big open tent. He began to eat, but with his eyes constantly flicking up to watch the front of the tent,.

Expression became even more concerned. ‘Oh, I’ll do it later!’ Maddie said easily. ‘I’m sure you can fill me in on anything I need to know.’ ‘Well, one thing you need to know is that you were due here over three hours ago. Where have you been?’ Maddie still wasn’t getting it. Her maid looked around, wishing she could shrink behind something for protection when the storm broke – as she knew it was going to. She had no idea why the grim, bearded Ranger was so furious. Her mistress had told her.

Patting the horse affectionately. ‘Named him that when he was a foal. He used to like to bump into things – see if they’d fall over. He’s over that now.’ As if on cue, the piebald butted him with his nose, causing him to stagger a few steps. ‘Well, mostly, anyways,’ he admitted. Maddie was studying the horse, discerning the powerful muscles hidden under that well-brushed coat. Bumper looked at her and she saw the intelligence and empathy in his eyes. She felt a sudden rush of ownership – no,.

She was comfortable on it. ‘Yes, please,’ she said. Young Bob started to move towards Sundancer, but Will held up a hand to stop him. ‘I think we’ll let Maddie do her own saddling,’ he said. ‘May as well get started the way we mean to continue, and we don’t have any stable hands to help us at the cabin.’ Maddie didn’t mind saddling and bridling the horse. She’d been doing that for several years now. Young Bob hopped away towards the fence and retrieved a rope halter. He slipped it over.

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