The Practical Astronomer's Deep-sky Companion

The Practical Astronomer's Deep-sky Companion

Jess K. Gilmour

Language: English

Pages: 146

ISBN: 1852334746

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Practical Astronomer's Deep-sky Companion is an essential read for deep-sky observers, whether they are interested in imaging or just sightseeing. This beautiful large-format full-colour book is designed to be taken out into the field during observing to provide all the information necessary for finding and imaging interesting deep-sky objects. There is a vast amount of information packed into each spread - photographs, position, maps, recommended exposure times, and much, much more. Every amateur astronomer will want a copy of this! -The only book to provide all the observational information needed for field use by deep-sky observers! -Large-format, full-colour spreads for ease of use. -Images as well as data for all the most interesting deep-sky objects. -Finder maps for all objects. -Recommended exposure times for imaging. -Organised by constellation.

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