Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks (Seven Deadliest Attacks)

Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks (Seven Deadliest Attacks)

Carl Timm, Richard Perez

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 159749545X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks provides a comprehensive view into how social networking attacks have impacted the livelihood and lives of adults and children. The book is separated into seven chapters, with each focusing on a specific type of attack that has been furthered through the use of social networking tools and devices. These are: (i) social networking infrastructure attacks; (ii) malware attacks; (iii) phishing attacks; (iv) Evil Twin Attacks; (v) identity theft; (vi) cyberbullying; and (vii) physical threat. Each chapter takes readers through a comprehensive overview of a particular attack to demonstrate how it was used, what was accomplished as a result, and the ensuing consequences. Alongside examining the anatomy of the attacks, insight will be gained into how to develop mitigation strategies, including forecasts of where these types of attacks are heading.
This book can serve as a reference guide to anyone who is or will be involved in oversight roles within the information security field. It will also benefit those involved or interested in providing defense mechanisms surrounding social media as well as information security professionals, those in the teaching profession, and all levels of professional management.

  • Knowledge is power, find out about the most dominant attacks currently waging war on computers and networks globally
  • Discover the best ways to defend against these vicious attacks; step-by-step instruction shows you how
  • Institute countermeasures, don’t be caught defenseless again, and learn techniques to make your computer and network impenetrable

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March 3, 2009, iStockPhotoB was hit with a phishing attack. All users who had logged into the site that day were instructed to change their passwords under the precaution that they had been compromised. This action was primarily done for the reason that an attack was conducted in their forums and through the tool that was used to distribute e-mail called sitemail, which many sites leverage to attract and keep customers to their site through newsletters and broadcasts of bargains. Sitemail was.

Means in which to quickly obtain replicas of this information not only demonstrates your level of preparation and organization but provides assurances to those with whom you are attempting to validate your identity with multiple methods of verification. My firsthand experience of having my identity stolen in a foreign country has provided a wealth of painful experience to help justify the necessity of having methods of validating who you are, as it just may make or break your chances of entering.

Rectify. According to a recent study conducted by the ITRC,4 it can take up to 5,840 h to correct matters related to identity theft. Unless you have 2 years of your life to give away, you will want to read this chapter. Freeze All of Your Assets The first action that you should do is to freeze all the accounts that you believe have been tampered by fraudulent activity. Contact the fraud or security department of each company where you suspect this activity. Be sure to follow up in writing and.

She met viciously turned on her, accusing her of promiscuity and exposing slanderous comments regarding her weight. Megan hanged herself in November 2006 in her closet after the heartless hoax climaxed when they stated that the world would be better off without her. This creation of a phony identity of Josh Evans was concocted by the Drew family to spy on the troubled teen. The entire Drew family as a result of this tragedy wrote a handwritten noteB indicating their remorse and asking for direct.

Need to concern themselves with physical threats occurring to them but they need to realize the repercussions that can occur should they choose to make a physical threat against another online. Jasper Howard: Murder and Online Threats Jasper Howard was a young aspiring college football player for the University of Connecticut. Howard decided one evening to attend a dance on campus and was accompanied with a friend of his by the name Brian Parker, a teammate on University of Connecticut football.

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