Seeker's Curse (Rogue Angel, Book 19)

Seeker's Curse (Rogue Angel, Book 19)

Alex Archer, Victor Milán

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 2:00306496

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Enlisted by the Japan Buddhist Federation to catalog a number of ancient shrines dotted across Nepal, archaeologist Annja Creed is honored to help. Political violence has prompted the Federation to protect holy sites from desecration and vandalism, and Annja is their last hope to properly conserve these sites. Where there's vandalism, there's plundering, and local police soon become suspicious of Annja's presence. But she is more concerned about the antiques smugglers and Maoist guerrillas trying to kill her. When she must trek high up in the Himalayas to protect a sacred golden Buddha statue from falling into the hands of her pursuers, she's told that the place is cursed--and guarded by demons. And Annja has no choice but to face her demons.

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Was getting low. Then from an informant he learned of a cave shrine high up in the mountains of Nepal that contained a vast treasure. He sent a general from his bodyguards with a small handpicked force to seize it. And guess what?” “I’m all ears.” “The general’s name was Pantheras. Isn’t that strange?” Pan went still. Then he leaned back slowly until his face was shadowed in the darkness of the restaurant. Outside a patrol boat putted across the harbor, probing left and right with a blue-white.

Muscles and bone to her marrow like a chill scythe. She wondered what kind of accommodations Prasad and the others would find to pass the night. She hoped they’d be comfortable. If anyone can find decent shelter it’s got to be Prasad, she thought. Sitting back on her heels with hands on thighs she studied the curious display before her by the yellow lamplight. Then her breath caught in her throat as if she’d swallowed a burr. Lying atop the small pile of golden glittery disks was one showing.

Mine. Under my command, of course.” “But what if he makes trouble? Your men all say he’s a lone wolf who hates Western decadence more than he loves the Little Red Book.” Chatura rose. “Then I shall teach him the difference between being a wolf and being a dog.” “BOO!” PAN KATRAMADOS SAID to the little girl in the long native-looking red dress. She giggled. Her two little friends also giggled. They ran off as an old man approached. Annja took a sip of salty tea with yak butter. I’m afraid I’m.

From an inside pocket of the light cream jacket she wore, she took her GPS. She recalled the cave’s coordinates. For a moment she sat looking at the display. Tears fuzzed out her vision. She blinked them away. “Farewell, Pantheras Katramados,” she whispered. She pressed Clear. ISBN: 978-1-4268-3593-3 SEEKER’S CURSE Special thanks and acknowledgment to Victor Milán for his contribution to this work. Copyright � 2009 by Worldwide Library. All rights reserved. Except for use in any review,.

Hoping she looked arrogant rather than furtive or paranoid. Furtive and paranoid would have been accurate. She was looking for a weathered dark blue sign with yellow lettering. Which of course she wouldn’t be able to read because it was in Greek. But supposedly that wouldn’t matter; it was only a landmark. How the Japan Buddhist Federation had turned up the contact she didn’t know and hadn’t asked. She doubted they’d tell her. They’d hired her, for a very nice sum, to investigate why artifacts.

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