Mystic Warrior (Rogue Angel, Book 57)

Mystic Warrior (Rogue Angel, Book 57)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 182

ISBN: 2:00307278

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Uncovering an ancient aristocracy and its hidden secret

Archaeologist and TV show host Annja Creed trades in her dig tools and dirty excavations for the sunny climes of Hollywood. Serving as a prop consultant for a popular TV fantasy series, Annja's enjoying the lights, camera and much less action. Until a scrying crystal is stolen off the set…and it turns out to be something more than a prop.

The crystal, in fact, is a priceless artifact from the period of the Crusades. But in the process of recovering it, Annja discovers something far more valuable: an ancient document that could lead to the lost treasure of the Merovingian kings. Rulers of France's oldest dynasty during the third century AD—predating even Charlemagne—the Merovingians were said to be mystic warriors, armed with the power of God.

But Annja isn't the only one who knows about the document. And now she must face down a malevolent group that's far too familiar with Garin, one of her closest allies. Good thing she shares far more with these mystic warrriors than even she could possibly imagine.

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Eric Brighteyes















Could swing by tonight.” “They’re going to the university?” “Yeah.” A frown crinkled de Cerceau’s eyes. “Is something wrong?” Melanie asked. The frown went away and he shook his head. “Nothing, baby. You don’t worry about anything. I have to be going, but I’ll see you in the morning. Just remember, don’t say anything to anyone until you hear from me.” He hung up the phone and blew her a kiss. She mimed catching the kiss and smiled at him. When he was gone, she.

Shifted again, including the internet café as the SUV slid to a stop in front of the building. “Who is it?” Four armed men got out of the vehicle. Annja Creed disappeared from the glass door and the men broke into a run. “They’re de Cerceau’s people.” Saadiya’s words were clipped with urgency. “One of their phones was connected to Matisse’s phone.” Sabre glanced at Meszoly and the big man nodded. Switching his gaze back to the navigation system, he watched Dyson’s vehicle.

Effort to get focused. “Juan Cabrillo’s logs are this way.” He started across the room and Annja followed. * * * “NOT ALL OF these logs are originals.” Annja stared at the shelves filled with bound ships’ logs and felt frustrated. “They’re copies.” Even Urdaneta had been forced to replicate some of the maps and journals that he’d lost to the Portuguese after being captured in the Spice Islands. “But they’re good copies.” Racz stood beside her and glanced through one of the tomes.

Her with the knife anyway. She brought up her captured pistol and fired blindly over her shoulder, guessing where Racz’s head was. Cursing, Racz released her then and pulled his knife back. Stepping from the man’s embrace, Annja spun and swung the sword backhanded in a swing parallel to the floor. The keen edge caught Racz under the chin and plowed through his neck. His eyes blazed with hatred and his mouth was pulled back in a sneer when his head toppled from his shoulders. “Kill her!”.

Room. A mercenary spun around one of the columns ahead and leveled his assault rifle. Annja dodged left, ducking behind the column he was using for cover. Bullets ricocheted off the wall to her side. Keeping close to the column, she hurried around to her right, trying to reach the man before he could adjust. The mercenary spun quickly once he’d figured out what Annja was doing. He came around firing, muzzle flashes cracking the darkness again and again. Annja swung the sword and.

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