Grown in Britain Cookbook

Grown in Britain Cookbook

Donna Air

Language: English

Pages: 356

ISBN: 1405354291

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Immerse yourself in the best of British food and discover how to enjoy it at its best. Take a tantalizing food journey from farm to plate with the Soil Association and be inspired to make the most of the amazing range of produce that is grown, reared and caught in Britain. Discover what's in season when and find out what food to look for month by month at your local supermarket or farmers' market. Over 200 delicious recipes show you how to enjoy your local produce, including ideas from some of the nation's best-known organic food supporters including Sophie Grigson and Jonathan Dimbleby, plus a selection of dedicated organic smallholders and farmers. It's a mouth-watering seasonal adventure.

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List on pp10–11 features British produce you can enjoy throughout the year. WHAT’S IN SEASON WHEN 010-011_SeasonsOp.indd 11 1/12/08 5/1/09 12:00:06 14:30:03 ALL YEAR ROUND These British ingredients can be found at the same quality year round. Others are also available all year but have a specific time when they are at their best, so they are included on the relevant monthly pages. Cheeses don’t usually have “bests”, but they are a good example of a food you should taste at different times and.

Marjoram Mint Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Thyme FRUIT Apples, cooking 164 Rhubarb: forced, outdoor 200 Clams 248 Grey mullet 232 John Dory 232 Langoustines 242 Lobster 242 Oysters, native 248 Plaice 226 Prawns, northern 242 Razor clams 248 Red gurnard 232 Red mullet 232 River trout, wild: brown, rainbow 212 Sea trout, wild 212 Whelks 248 POULTRY AND GAME Rabbit, wild 300 Turkey, free-range 288 Wood pigeon 294 FISH AND SEAFOOD Brown shrimp 242 Lobster p242 WHAT’S IN SEASON WHEN 21.

Also because a recent study showed that organically grown tomatoes contain more antioxidants than conventionally grown ones. WHAT WHEN AND HOW Pinky-red flesh. WHAT TYPES Cherry: These are tiny versions of standard tomatoes, some no bigger than a thumbnail. Cocktail: Slightly larger than cherries, they can be stuffed as a cocktail snack (hence their name), or can be cooked whole. Plum: These are oval and plum-shaped. The Italians have long used them in cooking; they have more pulp and less.

Rhubarb, outdoor 200 Strawberries 172 Walnuts, green 204 WHAT’S IN SEASON WHEN 25 024-025_June.indd 25 28/11/08 5/1/09 11:41:08 14:33:54 JULY Now you’ll see an abundance of British fare, from regal globe artichokes, fennel, and kohl rabi, to courgettes and their flowers. The currant season is also under way, and blueberries, raspberries, and loganberries come into their own for some mouthwatering desserts. If they need a little sweetening, it’s the heart of our honey season, too. Try the.

Bloom. They have great antioxidant properties and a distinctive, sweet flavour. The berries hang down when ripe. Elderberries have a sweet, perfumed flavour and are popular with home wine makers, being known as “the Englishman’s grape”. Like blackberries, they should not be picked on roadsides. 174 BERRIES 174-175_Berries2.indd 174 10/11/08 15:21:53 10/12/08 12:43:01 ,f PERFECT PAIRINGS BLACKBERRY sauce with PORK and PEARS; stew with APPLES for compôtes and pies. GOOSEBERRIES and.

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