Fun & Original Birthday Cakes

Fun & Original Birthday Cakes

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0715338331

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An adorable collection of birthday cakes boasting the unique but easily achievable modeling skills of internationally renowned cake designer and sugar modeler Maisie Parrish. Each charming new design is ideal for creating extra-special birthday party cakes or for adding a unique personal touch tailored to the recipient. Includes the ever-popular cupcakes and minicakes and, for the first time, amazing sugarpaste techniques for adding graphic designs to compliment cakes and characters. With simple sugarcrafting techniques, figure modeling instructions and clear step-by-step photography, designs are ideal for both beginner and intermediate sugarcrafters. With over 25 character cake toppers and expert advice on covering, storing and transporting your cake, this is the ultimate birthday cake resource.

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Out the underside with your fingers to fit the shape of the head. Finally, roll out the remaining dark brown sugarpaste and cut out a 2.5cm (1in) circle for the peak. Take out two-thirds with the same cutter to leave the correct shape (G). Attach to the underside of the cap. Apply edible glue to the head and attach the cap securely. 11 Make the scarf using 14g (½oz) of red sugarpaste rolled into a strip measuring 2 × 12cm (¾ × 4¾in). Using tool no.4, make the fringe by cutting vertical lines at.

(fenders) take off 12g (½oz) of the orange sugarpaste, equally divide into four and roll into cone shapes. Slightly flatten with your finger and then arch the shape. Attach over each wheel. Roll a small cone shape in orange sugarpaste for the side (parking) lights. Add a small ball of grey to the front of each light, and one to the back of each wheel arch (fender) for the brake lights (I). 5 To complete the bumpers you will need 2g (⅛oz) of grey sugarpaste, take off two small balls, roll into.

(2¼oz) of blue sugarpaste, 12g (½oz) of black and 5g (¼oz) of grey. Make as described for the orange car but make the roof in blue. 3 To complete the yellow car you will need 59g (2oz) of yellow sugarpaste, 12g (½oz) of black and 11g (½oz) of grey. Make as described for the orange car but make the roof in grey. 4 Attach the four completed cars around the cake board with strong edible glue in the desired positions. Finally, secure the large car in position on the top of the cake. Womanly.

Paws using tool no.4 (B). 4 For the head roll 30g (1oz) into a smooth ball. Take off a further 4g (⅛oz), roll into an oval shape and attach to the front of the head. Using tool no.4, mark a line down the centre of the muzzle and mark a smile at the base of the line on either side, using tool no.11 (B). 5 To make the eyes equally divide 0.5g (⅛oz) of white sugarpaste and roll into two small balls then add a tiny ball of black on the top of each and flatten with your finger (B). 6 To make the.

Spaghetti into the palm and down through the arm and out at the elbow into the leg. 11 For the head you will need 13g (½oz) of flesh-coloured sugarpaste rolled into a ball. Pull the neck down and indent the eye area (see final details). Make a straight cut at the neck to shorten it, and use the sugarpaste you cut off for the nose and ears. Insert the pointed end of tool no.3 to make a hole for the mouth. Roll a tiny ball of pink sugarpaste and push it inside the hole. Shape the lips by pushing.

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