Crowdsourcing For Dummies

Crowdsourcing For Dummies

David Alan Grier

Language: English

Pages: 378

ISBN: 1119940400

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Give your business the edge with crowd-power!

Crowdsourcing is an innovative way of outsourcing tasks, problems or requests to a group or community online. There are lots of ways business can use crowdsourcing to their advantage: be it crowdsourcing product ideas and development, design tasks, market research, testing, capturing or analyzing data, and even raising funds. It offers access to a wide pool of talent and ideas, and is an exciting way to engage the public with your business.

Crowdsourcing For Dummies is your plain-English guide to making crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and open innovation work for you. It gives step-by-step advice on how to plan, start and manage a crowdsourcing project, where to crowdsource, how to find the perfect audience, how best to motivate your crowd, and tips for troubleshooting.

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Winning team itself. If the team is strong and well-organised, it will have a good mechanism for dividing the reward and recognising the contributions of each individual. If it’s weak and poorly organised, it’s likely to have trouble deciding how the money should be divided. Understanding collaborative and independent crowdworking When crowd members engage the market, they can either work independently or with other members of the crowd. Crowd members tend to work independently when they.

Reproduced with permission from To see an actual task in this first group of HITS, click on the text that reads ‘View a HIT in this Group’ in the upper right-hand corner of the rectangle. Next, the screen shown in Figure 3-2 will appear. This screen describes the task in detail and shows the work that you’d have to do to complete it. This task is pretty easy. It asks you to find the Facebook page of a band called The Future Sound of London, and gives you instructions to find the.

And ask whether that step should be handled by a permanent member of the organisation or by a macrotasker. 103 104 Part II: Looking at the Different Forms of Crowdsourcing The National Association for the Promotion of Goodness and Virtue (NAPGV) is a lobbying group that promotes, as the name implies, things that are good and virtuous, and holds an annual conference for its supporters. The leadership, having watched the annual convention become more and more complex, has decided that it’ll.

Try to improve the management of the conference by crowdsourcing some of the work. To identify possible macrotasks in the conference, the NAPGV management looks at the process that’s used to create and manage the conference programme and the speakers and organisations who address the meeting. The leader of the organisation, Kamal, decides that the process to create a programme for the conference has five steps: 1. Identify and contact speakers. 2. Collect speech titles and biographies.

Borrow phrasing from Mr Mark Twain, until you’ve mastered a crowdsourcing platform called Amazon’s Mechanical Turk ( Mechanical Turk is currently the most widely used platform in crowdsourcing and is really a sophisticated crowdmarket, a place where crowdsourcers look for workers to do their tasks. It’s regularly used by firms that offer crowdsourcing services to the public. (Puzzled about the name? Take a look at Chapter 3, where I explain its origins.) Throughout this section,.

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