Cor Blimey! Where 'ave You Come From?

Cor Blimey! Where 'ave You Come From?

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The fascinating story of a medical missionary's wife in post-Raj India, mixing with maharajas, big game hunters, villagers, townspeople, servants & everyday people. While raising a family of 4, Winifred worked in famine relief, bringing cottage industries to drought-hit regions, resettling Tibetan refugees & rehabilitating leprosy patients.

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Much to offer: it boasted a cinema, a racecourse, a golf course, a library, a small hospital, some reasonably stocked shops and a very large fruit, vegetable and meat market. After India gained its Independence in 1947 many expatriates, who had spent all their working lives in India, decided to remain in the country and settle down in the Nilgiris. Nestling in the town of Ooty was a large lake, where it was possible to hire a boat by the hour, and there were numerous easy walks around the nearby.

Will be left homeless and moneyless, and most likely the ‘political sufferer’ who is to get the land is already much better off than the farmers. This gives you some idea of the things that are going on here. The Indian Government are doing a wonderful job with their Five Year Plans and other projects, but there are plenty of people around who are not honest or fair with their fellow men and it will be a long time before the condition of the country as a whole can be improved. To end on a.

Marbles, penknives, wooden spinning tops and fountain pens to leather belts for boys and tiny dolls for girls. Most of the toys were very cheap and made from brightly coloured plastic. Sometimes we visited the Silk Emporium where customers would be seated by the counter and given a complimentary cup of coffee while they were shown bolts of fabulous material. At the Emporium you could not only buy the material, but you could also order a garment, be it choli, salwar kameez or shirt, and be.

Adult 'visitors', they had a chance to relax together. Frequently I would stay up into the small hours of the night dealing with correspondence and accounts. I was thankful for the early experience I had in my first job in Bedford, when aged sixteen I worked for a timber merchant, handling their orders and customers’ accounts. It helped me enormously in coping with both the hospital project accounts and our personal affairs. To give an idea of our household expenditure I have the following.

Van Ingen’s brother) used to take him fishing on the Cauvery River. John with a catch of fish The children were doing well at school and seemed to be happy but we discovered that there were problems that they had to face. Early in September 1960 we rented ‘Cosy Nook’ in Lovedale for the ten-day school holiday. The weather was showery and cool but the bungalow quite warm and comfortable as there was always a good supply of logs with which to make a glowing fire. We had one of the Hebron.

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