Warrior Spirit (Rogue Angel, Book 9)

Warrior Spirit (Rogue Angel, Book 9)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 178

ISBN: 2:00306486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

While vacationing in Tokyo, archaeologist Annja Creed is approached by a man who desperately needs her help. Kennichi Ogawa, the last descendant of an ancient warrior family, is trying to locate a stolen artifact. Legend has it that the vajra was mystically endowed by a warrior's spirit to help the Yumegakure-ryu family forever be a source for good. But the vajra could help the forces of evil if it gets into the wrong hands. And now the bloodthirsty Yakuza and a group of hired ninja are after it. As Annja and Kennichi trek through the fog-enshrouded mountains of the Iga province to find the relic, they must also outsmart the vicious Yakuza and ninja who are dangerously close to uncovering the vajra first ... and to destroying their competition.

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Genuine,” Annja said, immediately regretting the poor choice of words. Garin sniffed as if he’d caught wind of a skunk. “Your ability to lie convincingly needs much improvement, Annja. But if that’s how you want to play this, fine. I’ll do the talking and you can sit there and listen.” “That would be a refreshing change,” she replied sarcastically. Annja leaned back and crossed her arms, waiting for Garin to begin. His whisky arrived and he took it with a word of thanks in Japanese to the.

The steps.” Ken put his hand on her arm. “How about we take a different way out of here? That way, you’ll get a chance to see everything about the castle.” Annja didn’t like the tone of his voice. She closed her eyes for a brief second to make sure the sword was where she could pull it out if need be. It was and she nodded to Ken. “Fine. Let’s go.” Ken led her toward a small sliding screen door with a small sign that Annja assumed meant something like Staff Only. It was dark and cool in the.

No one examined them too closely. It ought to buy him some more time. That was all he needed. Nezuma stood and stole down the new corridor. “I’VE HIT A WALL.” Annja came up alongside Ken. She let her hands travel up and over the surface, but she found nothing but solid stone. “Weird.” “How far do you think we crawled?” “Felt like it had to be at least two hundred feet.” “That’s what I thought, too.” Annja sighed. “Have you been checking your internal compass?” Ken chuckled. “Good phrase.

Felt amazingly energized by watching the fight transpire. She’d wanted to join in but had held herself back out of fear of jeopardizing Ken. Somehow that sentiment seemed crazy now. Ken had handled himself unlike any fighter Annja had ever known. “You’re awfully quiet, Annja. I hope that didn’t upset you too much. You seem somewhat accustomed to violence, though, so I didn’t think it would be a problem.” Annja stopped short of Ken’s Mercedes. “Just who the hell are you exactly?” Ken grinned.

“Hop in and I’ll tell you everything you want to know. And probably plenty that you don’t.” 4 The interior of the Mercedes sat in darkness except for the lime-green luminescence of the dashboard lights. They cast a strange pallor over Annja’s skin. Ken glanced at her, trying his best to determine if he’d already scared her off or not. “That was some fight,” she said finally. Ken smiled. “I suppose so.” She looked at him, her eyes full of suspicion. “I’ve been in a lot of bad situations. Had.

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