Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel: Or, the Hidden City of the Andes (Tom Swift, Book 19)

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel: Or, the Hidden City of the Andes (Tom Swift, Book 19)

Victor Appleton

Language: English

Pages: 98


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel is the 19th book in the original Tom Swift series.

"Every boy possesses some form of inventive genius. Tom Swift is a bright, ingenious boy and his inventions and adventures make the most interesting kind of reading."

"These spirited tales convey in a realistic way, the wonderful advances in land and sea locomotion and other successful inventions. Stories like these are impressed upon the memory and their reading is productive only of good."

This series of adventure novels starring the genius boy inventor Tom Swift falls into the genre of "invention fiction" or "Edisonade".

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What it can be," she cried in delight. "Better open it and see," advised Mr. Nestor, who had come in at that moment. Mary cut the string of the outside paper, and folded back the wrapper. A wooden box was exposed to view, a solid, oblong, wooden box, and on the top, in bold, red letters Mary, her father and her mother read: DYNAMITE! HANDLE WITH CARE! "Oh! Oh!" murmured Mrs. Nestor. "Dynamite! Handle with care!" repeated Mr. Nestor, in a sort of dazed voice. "Quick! Get a pail of water! Dump.

My baby!" Then Tom understood. The woman herb-gatherer had brought her infant with her on her quest, and had laid it down on a bed of soft grass while she worked. And it was this infant, wrapped as Tom afterward saw in a piece of deer-skin, at which the condor was aiming. "Master shoot!" cried Koku, pointing to the down-sweeping bird. "You bet I'll shoot!" cried Tom. Throwing his electric rifle to his shoulder, Tom pressed the switch trigger. The unseen but powerful force shot straight at the.

Took particular notice of this place so he would know it again. Then Masni led them over the mountain, and this time Tom saw that they were approaching the tunnel. He recognized some places where he had taken samples of rock from the outcropping to test the strength of his explosive. Reaching a certain wild and desolate place, Masni made a signal of caution. She seemed to be listening intently. Then, as if satisfied there was no danger, she parted some bushes and glided in, motioning the others.

Shaft leading down into the bore under the mountain, and, for a time, hoped that might be some clue to the lost Pelone. But, after an examination, he decided it was but the shaft to some ancient mine which had not panned out, and so had been abandoned after having been fitted with a balanced rocky door, perhaps for some heathen religious rite. There seemed to be no further trouble among the Indian tunnel workers. Those who had disappeared—who had, seemingly, gone willingly up the knotted rope to.

With mutterings, the negro set off in that direction, shuffling along on his rheumatic legs. From the shack Tom Swift hailed: "Hi there, Rad! Come back! Where are you going?" "I'se gwine t' git a rock, Massa Tom, an' bash de haid ob dat big lummox ob a giant! He done knocked de breff outen me, so he did." "You come back from that stone pile!" Tom ordered. "I'm going to blow it up in a minute, and if you get too near you'll have the breath knocked out of you worse than Koku did it. Come back,.

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