The Soul Stealer (Rogue Angel, Book 12)

The Soul Stealer (Rogue Angel, Book 12)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 2:00306489

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Their ultimate fear came true. And then things got worse. Annja Creed jumps at the chance to join a fellow archaeologist on a quest to find a relic. But she's not so thrilled about northern Siberia, where they are hoping to discover something buried in the long-undisturbed soil of Russia's frozen terrain. When they reach the town of Jakutsk, Annja is put off by its gray landscape and highly superstitious inhabitants. They claim they are being hunted. Then one of the villagers goes missing. The locals blame the Khosadam, a ghost of a fallen goddess said to ingest the souls of the departed. But there are no fresh graves. She is now hunting the living. When Annja seeks to destroy the apparition, she discovers an even more horrifying truth -- and may have hit a dead end.

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The shelter, Annja felt warm and snug. The pine boughs Gregor had placed over her earlier in the night had done their job. The scent of pine hung in the air. Her head didn’t seem to hurt anymore, much to her relief. Annja shifted and heard the dull snore of Bob snoozing nearby. She knew hours must have passed, but what time was it? Why hadn’t Gregor woken Bob to relieve him on guard duty? Annja frowned and shifted again, working her way out from under the pile of boughs. The survival blanket.

Horrors lurked outside. Bob removed some cash from one of the inner pockets of his parka and handed it to the innkeeper. The money disappeared faster than Annja could see, and the innkeeper grabbed their bags, leading them to a flight of old wooden stairs. At the top of the steps, a long, narrow hallway flanked by doors on both sides showed that the inn was larger than Annja had first expected it to be. The innkeeper dutifully stopped at each door, ushering first Bob and then Gregor into their.

Unconscious. Annja sighed and knew that she wouldn’t have known if they had left or not. She squatted down and took a few deep breaths. All around her, the walls of the cavern seemed to mock her. Nothing here but solid rock, they seemed to say. No way out except how you came in. She flashed the light along the wall in front of her. There seemed to be nothing there but more solid rock. She moved closer and began tracing her hands over the rocky walls. She refused to give up. It took her the.

Anything to Dzerchenko. She took a moment to check that she could still draw her sword. With her eyes closed, she could see it hovering in her mind’s eye. She exhaled. I’m ready. She opened her eyes and walked forward. Ten more steps and she’d be through the door. She kept blinking her eyes, trying to acclimate them as fast as possible to the sudden illumination. Two of Mischa’s men nodded at her as if she were a part of some special-operations team ready to storm a building. One of them.

Workable plan. It just might work. Annja nodded. “I like it.” Mischa smiled. “So glad you approve.” “Well, it’s easy and it has a strong chance of working.” Mischa looked at her. “It will work. My men will see to it.” He looked away and nodded at his two men by the window. Annja watched as they pushed hard on the window, forcing it up from the sill. Both men snaked through the opening and vanished. Mischa checked his watch. “Two minutes.” His other men each held up two fingers. Mischa.

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