The Shadow Sorceress: The Fourth Book of the Spellsong Cycle

The Shadow Sorceress: The Fourth Book of the Spellsong Cycle

L. E. Modesitt. Jr.

Language: English

Pages: 546

ISBN: B0048EKI42

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

L.E. Modesitt, Jr., has developed a wide readership with his popular fantasy novels set in the universe of Recluce. With more than a million copies in print, he continues to build a substantial audience with each new volume. He widened that audience with the first three volumes of the Spellsong Cycle set in a compelling and imaginative world where music is the vehicle for the creation and wielding of magic. He now returns to that universe for a new series of tales starring a new heroine who must face a succession of deadly political and military threats.

The Shadow Sorceress continues the story begun in the first Spellsong trilogy but focuses on the challenges facing Secca, now a young Sorceress. She is thrust into a position of power and responsibility when her mentor, Anna, the legendary Sorceress Protector of Defalk and the heroine of the original trilogy, dies unexpectedly before Secca's training as a master magic wielder is anywhere near complete.

Despite her reservations concerning the skills and strength of the ruler of the kingdom, Secca must immediately take command of all her magical resources to help suppress internal dissension in a neighboring province. Then she must rally potential allies to lift the naval siege laid on Nordwei by the Sea Priests, who bring with them a new kind of drumming magic that threatens the balance of power in the world, portending danger and destruction not imagined for decades.

Secca learns to fight battles with sorcerous skills she has never used before, while leading an army for the first time. She must master diplomacy in order to save her ruler and his kingdom, form alliances with unfriendly potential allies, and mediate power struggles among ambitious and disparate societies. At the same time she discovers an unexpected chance for love and companionship in a world where few men are wise enough to value women as anything more than wives, mistresses, or mothers.

Coping with these challenges, Secca proves herself more than just a quick study; she has become a woman with a limitless capacity for courage, personal growth, and fearless commitment to survival and fighting the good fight.

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The thought that he was too old to take a stool. The others seated themselves—Secca with Richina on her left, Palian beside Secca, Delvor flanking Richina, and the overcaptains across the table from the sorceresses. Secca glanced from one face to the next before speaking. “I have not mentioned to you what I discovered last night, except to Richina,” Secca began. “The sorcerer Belmar has begun to use greater powers, even calling upon thunder-drums and possibly Darksong. Last night, he brought.

Alcaren, taking in the lustrous brown hair, the broad shoulders, and the deep gray-blue eyes that seemed to hold a veiled sympathy—or was she seeing what she wished to see? After a moment, Alcaren added, “If the Sea-Priests are not stopped, Ranuak will also fall, be it a year or two later, and all it has stood for will vanish under the chains of Sturinn.” The red-headed sorceress took a slow and silent breath. Alcaren waited, his eyes completely on Secca. “You are far more than you reveal,”.

Writing table in a lamp-lit and paneled library of some sort. “He could be any holder anywhere that we don’t know,” offered Clayre. “He’s probably Neserean,” Secca suggested. “Only Kinor and Robero have libraries like that in Defalk.” “That looks like a Sturinnese vessel.” Clayre pointed at the ship and the figure on the deck. “You don’t even look surprised.” “Who else besides Sturinn?” asked Secca. “The Council of Wei likes the stability a strong Defalk provides. They wouldn’t cause trouble.

Undertunic was dripping. After pulling off the practice helmet and sheathing the sabre, she inclined her head to Rukor, and then Gorkon. “Thank you both. I needed the practice and the exercise.” “Our pleasure, lady,” offered Rukor, then Gorkon, a moment later. Secca listened to the faint murmurs as she turned and began to walk toward the archway, and back to the main building of the keep—for a bath before she dealt with the other problems she had to clear up before leaving Loiseau. “…know any.

Each one weighing nearly two stones, lay in rows on the red-sand soil between the sorceress and the pit. “Lady…” Richina extended a water bottle. Flashes—daystars—flickered before Secca, as she took the water and began to sip slowly from the bottle. “You need to eat,” urged the apprentice. Secca took a small mouthful of the bread that would get crustier with each day of travel, then a bite of the white cheese, then more bread, and another swallow from the water bottle. Murmurs drifted from.

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