The Sable Quean (Redwall)

The Sable Quean (Redwall)

Brian Jacques

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0441019986

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Buckler the hare, Blademaster of the Long Patrol, must save the youngsters of Redwall Abbey-kidnapped by the vile Vilaya the Sable Quean-and stop the villain's conquest of Mossflower Wood.

Ferno The Fire Dragon (Beast Quest, Book 1)


Freeing Nethus

Heart Of Light












Fire, all the Ravagers stood to attention. All except Fallug, who was still crouched over the ashes, pulling roasted eggs clear with his twig. Vilaya looked down at him. Her voice held the ring of authority as she spoke. “Are you the beast they call Fallug?” Dropping the twig, Fallug drew his dagger, making a show of cracking a partridge egg with the blade. He replied boldly, “Aye, I’m Boss Fallug, an’ I’m in charge around ’ere until Lord Zwilt gits back!” The onlookers to this confrontation.

Waving a table fork, which he deemed a very useful implement. “Ho, doan’t ee fret about us’n’s, zurr. We’m a-goin’ up thurr to ’elp out, hurr aye!” The big otter smiled. “Well, thankee, mates, but you ain’t allowed on the walltops until you’ve growed a bit. I’m afraid ’tis a bit dangerous for Dibbuns. Run off an’ play, now, there’s good liddle beasts.” Foremole Darbee and his crew were on the ramparts. Though not greatly fond of heights, the moles worked industriously. Tollum’s squirrels would.

Singly and in small groups. Globby retreated from the door as he heard some moles passing by. “Yurr, Gurrfa, us’n’s bee’s best lukkin’ round unner ee windows—they’m moight ’ave leaved tracks!” Flattening himself against one of the sandstone columns in Great Hall, the stoat saw Drull Hogwife passing, holding two Dibbuns’ paws. “You lend me some ’elp, my dears, an’ don’t go strayin’ off, now. Two Dibbuns is enough loss for one day. Let’s take a look round by the tapestry.” When they had gone,.

“What are you acting like this for, friend? Be quiet!” Midda pulled her friend’s paw away. She chuckled. “I’m enjoying it—my sister Flib was like that. She was a real tough one. I could be just like her, you know.” One of the captives, a mouse of about four seasons, upbraided Midda. “Aye, an’ get yourself killed like your sister. Wot’ll happen to your baby brother then?” Midda subsided and clasped Tura’s paw. “I’m sorry. I really spoke out of turn there. I won’t do it again, promise. It only.

Around the boulder. He could hear the grunts of vermin behind him. Seizing the rope, he gave it a sharp tug, pulling the piece of oak root loose. The big rock made a dull thud as it fell into the shaft behind the escapers, completely blocking it and crushing one of the Ravagers in the process. The Warrior mole gritted his teeth, fighting against the pain of the spearhead embedded in his footpaw. He inched his way upward, pushing the two Dibbuns in front of him, encouraging them to move forward.

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