The Pankhursts

The Pankhursts

Martin Pugh

Language: English

Pages: 530

ISBN: 0140290389

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Publish Year note: First published in 2001

The suffragettes outraged Victorian society but their personal lives were just as dramatic as their public actions. In this gripping and incisive account of the Pankhursts, Martin Pugh reveals the full story behind this unique family: Emmeline, the domineering mother; Christabel, the favourite daughter, who became an Adventist and admirer of Mussolini; Sylvia, the 'scarlet woman'; adn Adela, banished to Australia after a bitter rift.

The result is a narrative that reads like a novel, and a brilliant insight into the history of a family that changed the face of British society for ever.

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Visitor, though Mary particularly noted Annie and Christabel’s holiday in Sark, and she almost certainly regarded Christabel as a rival for her affections along with the other visitors. From their first meeting Annie had cast herself as Christabel’s devoted servant and her tendency to idolize her was noted by several contemporaries.14 Christabel undoubtedly liked to be surrounded by a group of loyal acolytes among whom she included Annie and Grace Roe. She once commented that neither woman had.

Avoided advocating women MPs. This was largely for tactical reasons, for they knew how provoking this prospect would be for many of the existing male members. There was, of course, some presumption that any person who was eligible to vote was also eligible to stand for election. However, this had last been tested after the first County Council elections in 1889 when two of the defeated Conservative candidates went to court and successfully challenged the right of women who had topped the poll to.

Nothing to improve Christabel’s state of mind. Though the book was narrative and anecdotal in character rather than analytical, it is not difficult to see why it offended Christabel and her loyal followers. Fulford treated Emmeline Pankhurst as the leader of the movement and made remarkably little reference to Christabel, implicitly casting her as a marginal figure rather than the directing brain she believed herself to be. It is possible that Fulford, appreciating her litigious bent, simply.

Done in her youth. It was on 27 September 1960 that Richard and Rita returned home from a long drive to find the cook waiting for them at the top of the drive with the news that she had died in their absence. She was seventy-eight and still in the midst of fund-raising for the maternity wing of the hospital in Addis Ababa. Her friends in Britain decided to make this her memorial at a meeting in December led by Clement Davies MP, Lord Amulree, Lord Pethick-Lawrence, Eirene White MP and the.

Found Sylvia increasingly reluctant to be dragged into this work. In fact, after her three-week spell in Holloway in February, Sylvia felt tempted to quit the Union and to accept an invitation from a woman artist, Emilia Cemino Folliero, to return to Italy and spend her time painting up in the mountains. Though she declined this offer, she decided to escape from the suffragette campaign for a time by embarking in the early summer for a tour of the north of England with a view to observing and.

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