The Oracle's Message (Rogue Angel, Book 32)

The Oracle's Message (Rogue Angel, Book 32)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: 2:00307151

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Men would do anything for it…but one woman will determine its fate

Steeped in legend, the Pearl of Palawan has a history marked by destruction, vengeance and love. But more important, the mythical black pearl is rumored to grant a power long coveted by mankind—immortality. It is a power men would risk dying to achieve.

Sun, sand and scuba diving in the Philippines certainly sounded like an ideal vacation. But after a way-too-close-for-comfort encounter with a tiger shark, archaeologist Annja Creed finds herself drawn into a group of German divers. They are treasure hunters searching for the fabled pearl. Out of curiosity, Annja accompanies them. But when an old friend of hers turns up unexpectedly, she finds herself torn between her past and new acquaintances.

The race is on to possess the pearl. But no one realizes the true nature of the artifact, or the danger it poses to them all.

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Shrugged. “Our lives are not measured by time.” “Do you have children here?” “No.” Spier was fascinated. “How do you procreate?” Hsusia fixed an icy stare on him. “Who are you to speak to me? I have no words with you. Only with the woman known as Annja.” Spier stepped back and mumbled something under his breath. Annja frowned. She could see that Hsusia would be tough to deal with. “We would very much like to leave your kingdom, Hsusia. We are sorry to have trespassed here.” Hsusia shook her.

Well, that was one point in her favor at least. Hsusia brought out a larger and longer version of the triple-barbed spear that Annja had seen in the painting. Annja frowned. Apparently the artist got the dimensions a little incorrect, she thought. Oh, well. Hsusia spun the spear as she stalked across the floor toward Annja. Annja kept the sword up in front of her. The goal was to close the distance quickly, get inside where the sword would be most effective and cut her down without giving.

Stabbed the shark in the head with it over and over until it died.” “You’re quite a remarkable woman, Annja.” “I don’t feel so remarkable right now.” Annja groaned. The bobbing of the boat, which wouldn’t have bothered her if she’d been uninjured, now made her intensely nauseous. Hans moved out of the way just in time as Annja rushed forward and vomited into the sea. After heaving a few more times, she leaned back and wiped her mouth. “Got any more of that water?” Hans handed her the bottle.

Just branded him a lunatic. So he started frequenting the hangouts of special-ops guys.” “So it appears he found himself an audience, huh?” “Yep. Hans and the others became Spier supporters. But Spier didn’t publish papers or do anything to call attention to himself. That would have gone against the desire for no publicity. Instead, they started meeting in secret, planning God knows what.” “We don’t know what they were up to?” “No.” “Damn,” Annja said. She rubbed her temples and tried to.

It would be a shame to see any lasting harm come to you.” Annja sighed. “Well, okay, since you put it like that.” Hans looked at Dr. Tiko. “You’ll stay here with her?” “As long as it takes to make sure she’s okay.” “All right, then.” Hans looked at Annja. “I’ll come back later to check on you, if that’s acceptable to you.” “It’s acceptable.” Hans smiled. “Good.” “You’re going back out there, aren’t you?” Hans nodded. “We didn’t get a chance to complete our dive when we ran into you.”.

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