The Mongoliad: Book Three (The Mongoliad Cycle)

The Mongoliad: Book Three (The Mongoliad Cycle)

Neal Stephenson, Erik Bear, Greg Bear, Joseph Brassey, Cooper Moo

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 1491512164

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An untested group of Shield-Brethren initiates stand before the sprawling Mongol army in a bloody circus of sadistic violence, while a hardened company of their finest roam the desolate wasteland of the Mongol empire, wrapping their dead in blood-soaked soil and struggling to find the strength to fight even as they mourn. The warrior-monks, both in the East and the West, sharpen their swords for a final battle.

The Khan of Khans must be slain if Christendom is to survive.

A sweeping historical interpretation of the battle for Europe against the invading Mongols and their ruthless Khan, The Mongoliad: Book Three brings the epic adventures of the Shield-Brethren to a brutal and thrilling conclusion.

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And then what? Run back to the Livonian compound like a wounded animal and cower in the shadows of the wrecked barn? He couldn’t imagine his men—especially Kristaps!—cowering with him. As he weighed his choices, his mount reached the narrow gap he and the Mongol party had recently used to enter the forest. His horse leaped through the slot between the trees, leaving the forest behind, and he blinked heavily in the sudden light. The sun had passed its zenith and was starting its long tumble.

Extremely angry and persistent hornet. Onghwe started throwing pillows as he reached his bed, and the Flower Knight adroitly knocked the first aside with his spear, let another bounce off his chest, and ducked under a third. He kept closing on the Khan throughout, and after the third missile, he thrust his spear at the Khan’s legs. The Khan, who had been digging through the layers of furs and pillows, found what he was looking for. As he pulled his legs back, getting out of range of Kim’s.

Nothing had been found. Which meant either Gansukh or Munokhoi had taken something from her before she had been delivered to the Khan’s throne room. The fact that neither had admitted to having such a prize in their possession was— “Master Chucai.” Chucai looked up, still lost in thought, and he dimly recognized the attendant standing inside the ger. The one he had sent to check on Gansukh. “Master Gansukh is in his tent,” the attendant reported. Chucai grunted, and then as the attendant.

Bitterly. As the Hungarian drew closer, she could confirm what the alchemist had noticed as well. The Hungarian was alone. But what chilled her was the fact that he was in front of them. Where had Graymane gone? CHAPTER TWO Factus Sum Tamquam Vas Perditum He needed to make a dramatic entrance. Not far from the secret door he used to come and go from the Septizodium, there was a crack in the wall that opened into a narrow slot. Previously, Fieschi had used it as a makeshift.

A spear. Not a staff.” “Odin?” “The All-Father.” Seeing Raphael’s expression, Vera laughed. “You are a child of Christendom, my friend, regardless of how enlightened you strive to appear. We may appear Christian—like yourselves—but the skjalddis remember our roots too. Our grandmothers and their mothers before them were Varangian, and we remember the stories of the cold sea, of the war between the giants and the Aesir, and the tales of Yggdrasil.” “Egg—?” “Yggdrasil,” Vera repeated. “The.

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