The Last Hunter - Pursuit (Book 2 of the Antarktos Saga)

The Last Hunter - Pursuit (Book 2 of the Antarktos Saga)

Jeremy Robinson

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0983601763

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Antarktos Saga is now complete! Pick up all 5 books together and enjoy this epic series front to back without pause. The books, in order, are:
The Last Hunter - Descent
The Last Hunter - Pursuit
The Last Hunter - Ascent
The Last Hunter - Lament
The Last Hunter - Onslaught
And as a bonus, pick up Antarktos Rising, the novel that inspired this series, parallels Ascent and tells the story of Mira and Merrill. 

I was thirteen years old when I was kidnapped. They took me from my family, from my friends--from everything I knew, and stole my innocence. They brought me to a world beneath the surface of Antarctica, where I was broken and trained by a hunter named Ninnis. He served the ancient Nephilim: half-human, half-demon monsters. My personality was buried in my subconscious and replaced by that of Ull, a hunter and killer. For a time, I too served the Nephilim. As the first and only human born on Antarctica, they believed that I could contain the spirit of their fallen king, Nephil, and lead them to conquer humanity.

But I was stronger than they knew and escaped deep into the underworld, where I have been hiding for the past two years. I live in a cavern, which is somehow lush with green vegetation, eking out a living and cowering from the confrontation that I know awaits me. But the nightmare has found me. I can smell them. The hunters. They have discovered my hideout.

The pursuit of Solomon Ull Vincent--the last hunter--has begun. And if they catch me, this is where my story will end.


"Rocket-boosted action, brilliant speculation, and the recreation of a horror out of the mythologic past, all seamlessly blend into a rollercoaster ride of suspense and adventure." -- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of JAKE RANSOM AND THE SKULL KING'S SHADOW

"With THRESHOLD Jeremy Robinson goes pedal to the metal into very dark territory. Fast-paced, action-packed and wonderfully creepy! Highly recommended!" --Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of ROT & RUIN

"Jeremy Robinson is the next James Rollins" -- Chris Kuzneski, NY Times bestselling author of THE SECRET CROWN

"If you like thrillers original, unpredictable and chock-full of action, you are going to love Jeremy Robinson..."-- Stephen Coonts, NY Times bestselling author of DEEP BLACK: ARCTIC GOLD

"How do you find an original story idea in the crowded action-thriller genre? Two words: Jeremy Robinson." -- Scott Sigler, NY Times Bestselling author of ANCESTOR

"There's nothing timid about Robinson as he drops his readers off the cliff without a parachute and somehow manages to catch us an inch or two from doom." -- Jeff Long, New York Times bestselling author of THE DESCENT

"Greek myth and biotechnology collide in Robinson's first in a new thriller series to feature the Chess Team... Robinson will have readers turning the pages..." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Jeremy Robinson's THRESHOLD is one hell of a thriller, wildly imaginative and diabolical, which combines ancient legends and modern science into a non-stop action ride that will keep you turning the pages until the wee hours. Relentlessly gripping from start to finish, don't turn your back on this book!" -- Douglas Preston, NY Times bestselling author of IMPACT and BLASPHEMY

"Jeremy Robinson is an original and exciting voice." -- Steve Berry, NY Times bestselling author of THE EMPEROR'S TOMB

"Jeremy Robinson is a fresh new face in adventure writing and will make a mark in suspense for years to come." --David Lynn Golemon, NY Times bestselling author of LEGEND and EVENT

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Evil spirit, either. “It wasn’t me who beat you.” “But it is,” he says. “Because I cannot kill you now. I can’t even bring you back alive.” Despite the question being absurd, I ask, “Why not?” “Because you have shown me a different path.” Small bones drop through the giant ribcage as a thunderous boom sounds from just outside our shelter. Xin grunts and sits up. “You shouldn’t move,” I say. He grunts a wet laugh. “If we are to survive the next few minutes, we will both need to move. And.

Plan. One by one, I’ll be forced to kill my mother, my father, and who knows who else from my past until I no longer care. I will kill them. I will eventually eat them to survive. And I… Will… Break. I pull back from the body of this mother-shaped feeder. With my face turned to the ceiling, I fill my lungs and scream, “NINNIS!” As my thunderous voice echoes in the pit, something else happens. The solid stone floor beneath my feet—it shakes. 15 My fall is broken by my mother’s—the.

Girl opens her jacket, revealing a belt and two crisscrossing straps over her chest, which are absolutely laden with throwing blades. She lets the first one fly just as the man fires an arrow. As the wind kicks up around me I realize that Epsilon is code for some kind of practiced attack. The arrows and knives will come like hail from a storm and I’m not sure I can deflect them all without also compromising my body. Either way, these two have the upper hand. I need Ull, but there is no time to.

But then… Nephil. He took control. Nearly killed Xin. But together, in my mind, we locked Nephil away, along with my hunter personality.” “You left him to die, I hope,” he says. “No,” I say. “That is what a hunter would do. Not me. I saved him. And when Behemoth came, he saved me, and hid me from the other hunters.” Whipsnap slowly lowers to the floor. “You faced Behemoth, and survived?” “Thanks to Xin, yes.” “And you spared his life?” “That’s what I said.” He sits on the edge of a cot,.

To her. Her frown deepens, but I’m not sure if it’s from guilt or shame at needing to be saved. I face Ninnis. He’s just ten feet away. “I saved both of you.” He stops just out of Whipsnap’s reach. “Your life is a series of mistakes, Solomon.” When he says my name again, I realize I have an opening to put a wedge between these two. “You’ve told her then? That you failed to break me? And that your failure resulted in Ull’s death?” I see surprise register on Kainda’s face. I turn to her. “I.

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