The Guardian Chronicles: Fear of the Dark

The Guardian Chronicles: Fear of the Dark

Robby DeLuca

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 1:00026294

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As Robby DeLuca's second novel, this topples all boundaries that World of Dead set. Join the Guardians, a group of young people who's sole purpose is to protect Heaven and the humans. But soon, a dire threat rears its ugly head. Pekarean the Black, the original ruler of Hell is attempting to make his return when the newest Guardians, Eric and Devon, join, they are sent on the adventure of a lifetime that takes them from the depths of Hell, to the gates of Heaven themselves. Follow the ride of your life in the first book of the Guardian Chronicles series.

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Do this,” “Because you aren't ready,” Maxwell said, pacing around his study. He and Heather were the only two in the study, which was a small room that held all of Maxwell's Guardian medals and trophies, and a large cedar desk that made it look like a lawyer's office. “I am, and Eric and Devon are, why don't you realize this? Plus, if you don't remember, Haley is a healer, she only uses Amanda for defense purposes. That's why she isn't good at combat,” “I just don't like it. Why didn't he send.

Surprisingly, Devon. As they walked they saw a bunch of people suffering, except for a single person, who was sitting in a lawn chair lighting a cigar off one of the flames. He was really young. “What makes him so special?” Eric asked. “I can hear you, you know!” The person said, “Oh, come on Everett, I was just starting to have fun,” Then, the person vanished, seemingly without a trace. “That was odd,” Heather said. Then, they were at the gates of a luxurious mansion, complete with a.

Argen to come at him, but instead, Argen knelt down and said, “You're a very powerful one, I see,” “You as well,” Eric replied, “Argen, why are you doing this?” “I wish to make the world pure again. I don't wish to protect the so-called 'faithful', I want the world to have good people, where the faithful will not commit the vile sins they do,” “Well, this is a pretty evil way of going at it,” Eric replied, “Besides, God allows us to sin because of the free will that he gave us when we were.

And when Satan was finally risen to power. Now, Pekaraean may be returning with the help of someone in Heaven. I need you to find the Hunter who is the supplier of the crystals to whoever is doing this. Do you all understand the task at hand?” “I think,” Eric said, “You got it, Devon?” “Yeah,” Devon said. “All right then, you are to report to Micheal immediately,” Peter said. The group led themselves out of the Gates, and went to the gatehouse that was located on the other side. Heather.

That kind of game, huh?” Maxwell said, “Well, I can play along. Sophie, unleash,” Sophie's shape changed much faster than Devon's, indicating that she has been doing this for a long time. Her blade grew to the length of about seven feet long, and her handle reached about ten. A gut hook formed on the bottom of her blade, and it turned from a solid silver to a jet black. “Go!” Maxwell yelled. Eric immediately dodged the first attack, which was a very fast slashing motion that very nearly hit.

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