The Door Through Space

The Door Through Space

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Language: English

Pages: 182

ISBN: 1481273892

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

... across half a Galaxy, the Terran Empire maintains its sovereignty with the consent of the governed. It is a peaceful reign, held by compact and not by conquest. Again and again, when rebellion threatens the Terran Peace, the natives of the rebellious world have turned against their own people and sided with the men of Terra; not from fear, but from a sense of dedication. There has never been open war. The battle for these worlds is fought in the minds of a few men who stand between worlds; bound to one world by interest, loyalties and allegiance; bound to the other by love. Such a world is Wolf. Such a man was Race Cargill of the Terran Secret Service.

The Door Through Space is a rollicking good ride with a hero that's fully human, a bit risque for 1960, and chock-full of imagination. It is classic pulp science fiction at its best!

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Clawing at the air. It twitched and lay still. Four shots in rapid succession cracked in the clearing. Kyral to the contrary, someone must have had a pistol. I heard one of the cat-things wail, a hoarse dying rattle. Something dark clawed my arm and I slashed with the knife, going down as another set of talons fastened in my back, rolling and clutching. I managed to get the thing's forelimbs wedged under my elbow, my knee in its spine. I heaved, bent it backward, backward till it screamed, a.

Evarin set the hypnotic wheel moving again, glanced sidewise at me, then set it carefully back. "Now"—Evarin's voice, hard with the silkiness of a cat's snarl, clawed the silence—"we'll talk business." I turned, composing my face. Evarin had something concealed in one hand, but I didn't think it was a weapon. And if I'd known, I'd have had to ignore it anyway. "Perhaps you wonder how we recognized and found you?" A panel cleared in the wall and became translucent. Confused flickers moved,.

Behind him was a blackness. I waited till the painful blaze of lights abated, then, straining my eyes to see past him, I got my worst shock. A woman stood there, naked to the waist, her hands ritually fettered with little chains that stirred and clashed musically as she moved stiff-legged in a frozen dream. Hair like black grass banded her brow and naked shoulders, and her eyes were crimson. And the eyes lived in the dead dreaming face. They lived, and they were mad with terror although the.

And—oh, Race, Race, he took Rindy with him!" From the tone of her voice I had thought she was sobbing. Now I realized that her eyes were dry; she was long past tears. Gently I unclasped her clenched fingers and put her back in the chair. She sat like a doll, her hands falling to her sides with a thin clash of chains. When I picked them up and laid them in her lap she let them lie there motionless. I stood over her and demanded, "Who's Rindy?" She didn't move. "My daughter, Race. Our little.

Abused wife or even an abandoned or deserted mother. I took a chair, watching her and listening. She began. "You made a mistake when you turned Rakhal out of the Service, Mack. In his way he was the most loyal man you had on Wolf." Magnusson had evidently not expected her to take this tack. He scowled and looked disconcerted, shifting uneasily in his big chair, but when Juli did not continue, obviously awaiting his answer, he said, "Juli, he left me no choice. I never knew how his mind worked.

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