The Complete Poems and Translations (Penguin Classics)

The Complete Poems and Translations (Penguin Classics)

Christopher Marlowe, Stephen Orgel

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0143104950

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The essential lyric works of the great Elizabethan playwright--newly revised and updated

Though best known for his plays--and for courting danger as a homosexual, a spy, and an outspoken atheist--Christopher Marlowe was also an accomplished and celebrated poet. This long-awaited updated and revised edition of his poems and translations contains his complete lyric works--from his translations of Ovidian elegies to his most famous poem, "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love," to the impressive epic mythological poem "Hero and Leander."

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His father’s seat, Might presently be banished into hell, And agèd Saturn in Olympus dwell. They granted what he craved, and once again Saturn and Ops began their golden reign. Murder, rape, war, lust and treachery Were with Jove closed in Stygian empery. But long this blessèd time continued not: As soon as he his wishèd purpose got, He reckless of his promise did despise The love of th’ everlasting Destinies. They seeing it, both Love and him abhorred, And Jupiter unto his place.

Bed, And in the midst their bodies largely spread. But may soft love rouse up my drowsy eyes, And from my mistress’ bosom let me rise. Let one wench cloy me with sweet love’s delight, If one can do’t, if not, two every night. Though I am slender, I have store of pith, Nor want I strength, but weight, to press her with. Pleasure adds fuel to my lustful fire, I pay them home with that they most desire. Oft have I spent the night in wantonness, And in the morn been lively ne’er the less.

Threat’ning gods Filled both the earth and seas with prodigies; Great store of strange and unknown stars were seen Wandering about the north, and rings of fire Fly in the air, and dreadful bearded stars, And comets that presage the fall of kingdoms; The flattering sky glittered in often flames, And sundry fiery meteors blazed in heaven, Now spear-like, long, now like a spreading torch; Lightning in silence stole forth without clouds, And from the northern climate snatching fire Blasted.

By tigers. ELEGIA III To his mistress. 21hornèd Io to protect her from Juno, Jupiter transformed his beloved Io into a cow. 22she Leda. 23she Europa. 24false horns Marlowe translates “cornua falsa”; modern texts read “vara” (bent). ELEGIA IV He advises his love what devices and signals they ought to employ when they are at a dinner with her husband present. 7–8fair…fight at the wedding of Peirithous, king of the Lapiths, and Hippodamia, resulting in the battle of Lapiths.

Command Hercules was subject to the will of Eurystheus, king of Argos, and it was at his behest that the famous twelve labors were performed. He married Deianira, by whom he was inadvertently killed. Hermaphroditus Son of Venus and Mercury. When he was bathing in a fountain the local nymph Salmacis fell in love with him. He rejected her, but she embraced him, and at her prayer the gods united them in a single body. Hermes See Mercury. Hermione Leander’s sister, an invention of Chapman’s. The.

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