The Chequer Board

The Chequer Board

Nevil Shute

Language: English

Pages: 380

ISBN: 0884113167

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

John Turner, who has had a head injury in an air crash, is told that he has only a year to live. He decides to spend his last months making the journey to Rangoon, Burma, in a flying boat to rescue a friend who has gone native.

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The Black Circle (The 39 Clues, Book 5)

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Minus 148 Degrees: First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley















Fights in my house, I can promise you that. Twenty-seven years I’ve held this licence, and I wouldn’t have done that, I can tell you, if I let the men get fighting.” “I don’t think the Colonel will agree to that,” said Schultz. “He wants to get things like we have them back at home.” “Well, he’s not at home now, and that’s a fact,” said Mr Frobisher. “He’s in Trenarth, and maybe we’ve got different ways to what you have at home. I don’t want to make no difficulties for you people, but if I.

Bowler hat. I got up from my desk as he came in. “Good afternoon, Mr Turner,” I said. He said, “Cheerioh, doctor. How’s tricks?” I smiled. “I’m all right,” I said. I motioned him to the chair before my desk. “Sit down, Mr Turner, and tell me what you are complaining of.” He sat down with his bowler on his knee, and grinned at me with nervous cheerfulness. “I’m all right,” he said. “You won’t find much wrong with me, doctor. May want a bit of a tonic. You know,” he said confidentially, “this.

His food, into his cigarettes and his drink, into his blankets; it formed a gritty mud on his body, with the sweat that poured off him all day. He lived dressed in a bush hat and a dirty jungle suit, which is like a battledress made of thin green material. Usually he wore the trousers only, and the top half of his body became tanned deep brown. In three months of this strange life of supply dropping he matured considerably; he grew more self-reliant in this mode of living, stripped down to the.

Surrender at any time. He pressed on westwards through the woods, using a jungle track; he could not have got through the undergrowth. It was early afternoon and very hot; the flies tormented him. He went on for about an hour, covering perhaps three miles, and sank down for a rest in an exhausted sweat. He was so blind with fatigue that he did not notice men creeping up behind him, did not know of their presence till he heard a voice say, “English,” and he swung around. There were four Burmans,.

Straightened out. After that, Nay Htohn, I want to come back, if you’ll have me.” She breathed, “Have you …” and rubbed her cheek against his knee again. And then she said, “It is eight thousand miles from here to England, and she has another man. Why must you go away at all? I think that you could just forget about her, and stay here with me. We could be married very soon.” He said, “No.” He got to his feet, and raised her up. She stood up obediently and went and stood with him at the.

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