The Best of Benn

The Best of Benn

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Tony Benn was one of the 20th century's most charismatic politicians. The Best of Benn showcases his powers of original thinking and communication over seven decades. From "the baby of the house" to a retired widower, he was a consistently radical campaigning voice on issues such as the death penalty, the case against the European Union, opposition to war and support of workers' rights. This volume brings together Tony Benn's electrifying speeches, thoughtful journalism and passionate advocacy of often unconventional causes.

Them and Us: Fighting the Class War 1910-1939

Fair Play: A Daniel Dorling Reader on Social Justice

Fair Play: A Daniel Dorling Reader on Social Justice

Marching to the Fault Line















Globally, the concentration of industrial technology in the north is now one of the major political factors in the world today, as may be seen by comparing the growth of production in the northern hemisphere with the growth of population in the south. This distorted development pattern complicates the relations between the white and non-white races since it deepens the ethnic division of which we have become increasingly aware in recent years. And since the multinationals have played a part in.

West, Marx has always been accepted as a towering socialist intellectual by most democratic socialist parties. Many dissidents in Eastern Europe have denounced Stalinism on the grounds that it is a vicious distortion of the teachings of Marx. In Western Europe the Communist Parties are no longer the monolithic blocs they were once thought to be. In Italy and Spain great changes have been made in organisational terms to allow more broad-based discussion, accepting political pluralism and.

Remained high and profitable. Even in energy, which is of vital importance to the world economy, Soviet gas exports and Polish coal exports to the West, though temporarily reduced, are a part of the economy of the real Europe and play an important role in its mutual prosperity. Europe needs an energy plan worked out, in detail, between East and West. And, following the Helsinki Accords, there is growing contact in cultural matters and exchanges of visits and delegations, although they could be.

Rise of the Nazis in the 1930s. Similarly, the anti-colonial struggles waged by Indians against the British Empire and by Africans against the European colonialists and apartheid were supported wholeheartedly by the Labour and trade-union movement in Britain. In the 1950s the Movement for Colonial Freedom (now called Liberation) was the great campaigning organisation, much as the Stop the War movement is now. I was active in MCF, which supported the African National Congress against the.

143, 145 and miners’ strike 151 and Rupert Murdoch 118 Thatcherism 162, 178 Third World see developing world Thomas, Mark 205 Thorpe, Jeremy 84 Times, The 42, 118 Tito, Josip Broz 120 trade, East–West 109, 114 Trade Union Act (1984) 160 trade unions 114, 122, 125, 137 access to broadcasting 72 ballots 176 and the BBC 218 and industrial democracy 208 international links 63, 233 and Labour Party 35–6, 52, 56 and management 47–8 and Marxism 126 pressure exerted on governments 58,.

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