The Beasts of Tarzan (Tarzan Series, Book 3)

The Beasts of Tarzan (Tarzan Series, Book 3)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Language: English

Pages: 133

ISBN: 1540533174

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After renouncing his savage life in the jungle for the sake of his wife Jane and newborn son, Tarzan finds his trust in civilization has been again betrayed. Tarzan, now the rich Lord Greystoke, becomes the target of sinister criminals. When he and Jane try to save their abducted son, Jane is kidnapped and Tarzan is stranded on a deserted island. But as the lord of his realm, he calls the beasts of the jungle to his service. Sheeta the panther, Akut, the great ape and the giant Mugambi remain steadfast allies in Tarzan's quest to save his family.... if they are still alive!


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Hands of the cruel and savage foster-parents, who, as his note had threatened, would have the upbringing of the child. Tarzan shuddered as he thought of the cruel suffering the little one must endure in such a life, even though he might fall into the hands of individuals whose intentions toward him were of the kindest. The ape-man had had sufficient experience with the lower savages of Africa to know that even there may be found the cruder virtues of charity and humanity; but their lives were at.

Struck the dugout simultaneously with a little squall of wind their terror broke all bounds, and, leaping to their feet, they all but overturned the boat before Akut and Tarzan together could quiet them. At last calm was restored, and eventually the apes became accustomed to the strange antics of their craft, after which no more trouble was experienced with them. The trip was uneventful, the wind held, and after ten hours' steady sailing the black shadows of the coast loomed close before the.

Series of shrill cries. Presently from a great distance and faintly there came an answering scream, and a half-hour later the lithe form of Sheeta bounded into view where the others of the pack were clambering gingerly into the canoe. The great beast, with arched back and purring like a contented tabby, rubbed his sides against the ape-man, and then at a word from the latter sprang lightly to his former place in the bow of the dugout. When all were in place it was discovered that two of the.

Commencing to think very fast indeed. Quickly her eyes ran round the interior of the tent, taking in every detail of its equipment and contents. Now the Russian was lifting her to her feet and attempting to drag her to the camp cot that stood at one side of the tent. At his belt hung a heavy revolver. Jane Clayton's eyes riveted themselves upon it. Her palm itched to grasp the huge butt. She feigned again to swoon, but through her half-closed lids she waited her opportunity. It came just as.

He did not cease to paddle frantically toward the steamer, and at last, after what seemed an eternity, the bow of the dugout bumped against the timbers of the Kincaid. Over the ship's side hung a monkey-ladder, but as the Russian grasped it to ascend to the deck he heard a warning challenge from above, and, looking up, gazed into the cold, relentless muzzle of a rifle. After Jane Clayton, with rifle levelled at the breast of Rokoff, had succeeded in holding him off until the dugout in which she.

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