The Art of Expressive Collage: Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue

The Art of Expressive Collage: Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue

Crystal Neubauer

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1440335850

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What story will your art express?

There's a dialogue waiting to happen on your worktable. The Art of Expressive Collage will teach you to listen to what paper and glue, ink and paint have to tell you. From the fear of messing up to the excitement of letting things flow, you'll come to see the common thread in the bits and pieces you collect. You'll discover new ways to think about arranging these bits in your work as you express yourself with lines, smudges and translucent layers.

Beyond using paper and glue you'll discover:

  • The best places to hunt for and gather ephemera
  • How to prepare various papers for collage using staining and embellishing techniques
  • An understanding of the elements of design and composition
  • Tips for making unique marks, adding photos, creating textures and much more

Begin a new chapter with your art; see how the techniques inside The Art of Expressive Collage can help you express a brand new voice!

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Intuition, better known as “Your Own Voice,” and see for yourself what you can do when you trust your eye to be your guide. As you work through the projects in this book, listen carefully for instruction. It will be a voice inside you that sounds something like this: “I like this” and “I don’t like that,” “This looks great” and “That makes me feel really good!” Quiet the fears of not doing it right simply by rolling up your sleeves and starting. This project is a good way to do just that!.

When I would seek out ephemera with handwritten details. I was most fond of old books with messages inscribed to the recipient, a student’s notes sprinkled throughout its pages and occasional scribbles by a naughty child. I found these marks to be mysterious and beyond interesting when used in my collages as they seemed to tell a long-forgotten story. At one time these random discoveries were the only mark-making I used in my work. I believed my job as the artist was only to facilitate the story.

Into a realistic rendering as technique is developed. A good mark-making exercise can boost your confidence where once you may have felt lacking. It is a therapeutic tool used to express feelings through the intensity of the line or shape of the mark. The use of certain random marks within the composition to capture the artist’s energy and intent is highly effective and can make all the difference between a work of art that engages the viewer on an emotional level and one that falls flat.

Network of diagonals quickly grew out of them. I work to get a compelling balance of darks and lights in a long process of pasting over and tearing off. I seem to complicate and simplify in turns, until a harmony between activity and rest comes together. MAMMALS THAT LEAP | MELINDA TIDWELL Book parts, graphite, paper, mixed media About Crystal Neubauer Regardless of the mediums I include, my work always comes down to collage. Whether rendered in a.

My old formula of 4 parts paste to 1 part liquid is only necessary when I find a particularly dry batch of paste. Now I recommend that you start off with a smaller amount of glazing liquid and add more as you feel necessary, keeping in mind that the paste should always be the bulk of the mix. Fill a baby food sized glass jar nearly to the top, pour the liquid over and around it, and stir thoroughly until the two products have smoothed to one creamy blend. PAINTBRUSHES A variety of brushes.

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