The Adventurous Four - Trapped!

The Adventurous Four - Trapped!

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1841357367

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Title: The Adventurous Four Trapped! <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: EnidBlyton <>Publisher: AwardPublicationsLtd

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Split the sky in half. And then the gale came. Tom and the girls had never, never imagined there could be such a wind. They could not hear themselves speak unless they shouted. Andy yelled to the girls: ”Get down into the cabin, quick, and shut the door and stay there.” ”Oh, let’s be here,” cried Jill. But Andy looked so stern and commanding that they did not dare to disobey. They almost fell into the cabin and shut the door Outside the wind seemed to get a voice-a voice that howled and wailed.

Sake of our country, Mary and I will stay behind here without any fuss and do the best we can, whilst you and Tom set off for home. But do rescue us as soon as possible!” ”Of course we shall,” said Andy, glad to see that the girls were going to be brave and not malce any fuss. “You are good sports, you two girls-I really do feel proud of you both-don’t you, Tom?” ”Very proud,” said Tom. And the girls went red with pleasure. ”We’ll wish you luck to-morrow!” said Jill. “Oh, how I hope you’ll.

Nearly at the island?” ”We’ve passed it, Andy says,” said Tom gloomily. “We don’t know where we are.” ”Goodness! Look, the sail’s gone!” said Mary, shocked. “What are we to do for a sail?” ”There’s an old one down in the cabin,” said Andy. “Fetch it, will you-and I’ll see if I can do something with it.” The sun shone down again. It was gloriously hot. Poor Tom, who had been chilled to the bone, loved it. He stripped off his wet bathing-suit, and put on his jersey. Ah, that was better! Andy.

Carefully. It did not take them long to see that the boys had pulled the old shack to pieces! ”So!” said the first man. “The boys tried to make a boat!” Jill and Mary shook their heads. They were really feeling very much alarmed. ”It is a raft they made then?” asked the man. “What! You will not tell me, you naughty little girls! Then I shall order out my seaplanes and they will find those bad boys, and bring them back again. And you will all be made prisoners on another island till we take you.

White top of a near by wave now and then, he could see nothing. But he could hear something, quite suddenly. It sounded like crashing waves. Tom longed for the moon to come out-and as he wished for it, it came sliding out from a cloud for a second before it disappeared again, And in that tiny space of time Tom saw something that gave him a shock. The sea was breaking over big rocks just ahead! ”Andy! Andy!” yelled Tom, wrenching the tiller round. “Rocks ahead!” Andy came tumbling up the.

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