Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max (Technology in Action)

Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max (Technology in Action)

Steve Sande, Dave Caolo

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 143023668X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Mac has come a long way, and OS X Lion is the best version yet of Apple's desktop and laptop operating system. Stable, powerful, and versatile, the Mac allows you to do everyday tasks with ease.

Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max walks you through the awesome features and apps standard on the Mac and the new OS X 10.7 Lion to help you become a true power user. You'll discover keyboard shortcuts and gestures to help save time--whether you're on a iMac, Mac mini, Macbook Pro, Air, or other Mac computer.

Beginning with the core of OS X - the Finder - Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max outlines many of the new features and powerful revisions that make Lion the best version of OS X yet. The authors, all bloggers at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (tuaw.com), spent countless hours with Lion to show you how to fully leverage your Mac and the new OS X. And, have some fun, too!

What you'll learn:

  • Search your Mac in seconds with customizable Spotlight searches
  • Send files securely and quickly to others on your Wi-Fi network with AirDrop
  • Find a lost or stolen Mac with Find my Mac
  • Browse and purchase useful and fun apps from the Mac App Store
  • Keep your documents updated and safe through Lion's AutoSave, Versions, and revised Time Machine capabilities
  • Harness the power of Launchpad, Mission Control, and multi-touch gestures to customize your Mac working environment
  • Take advantage of conversations, full-screen mode, and search tokens in the revised Mail application
  • Make the most of updates to Lion's other built-in apps, including iCal, Address Book, Photo Booth, FaceTime, Preview, and System Preferences
  • Use the powerful and inexpensive Lion Server app to create a shared work or home computing environment
  • And more...

Who this book is for: Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max is your guide to learning how to tame Apple's Lion for work or pleasure, and a valuable reference for any Mac user.

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Who is actually seated at the Mac. Figure 2–19. The new screen-sharing toolbar is used to switch to full-screen mode, toggle between scaled and real-size views, take screen shots of the remote Mac, and enable copy and paste actions between the remote and local Macs. There’s a new Observe Only mode, which should be wonderful for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s computer usage. In Observe Only mode, you can watch what’s going on with the remote computer without controlling the.

“Untitled.” There’s no application icon or other text. It has not been assigned a permanent save location. CHAPTER 4: Managing Your Data: Auto Save, Resume, and Versions  Previously saved with no new edits: A document that’s been saved to your Mac’s hard drive and has no unsaved changes will bear the title you gave it and a document icon, as illustrated in Figure 4–5. Figure 4–5. The menu bar of this TextEdit document bears the custom title, “Demo Text,” as well as a document icon on the.

Your Top Sites list. Working with Bookmarks Bookmarks are a feature that everyone is familiar with. A bookmark is a saved link to a particular web page (sometimes bookmarks are called favorites). Bookmarks let us quickly jump to saved spots on the Web. And though they’re definitely still handy, I find myself using fewer bookmarks nowadays since Apple added the Top Sites and Reading List (discussed later) features to Safari. Adding Bookmarks Adding a bookmark is simple. When you have found a web.

Town in Andorra that you want to read but don’t have time right now. It’s not a bookmark you want to keep forever; it’s just something you want to make sure you read. To activate Reading List, click the eyeglasses icon in Safari’s navigation bar (Figure 9–3). The Reading List panel will slide open in your browser window (Figure 9–13). Figure 9–13. Safari’s Reading List The Reading List panel contains all the web articles you’ve added to it. You can select a tab to see all the articles you’ve.

Assembly line back in 1984, and today’s Finder window is a highly refined reflection of the advances in user interface design that have been made at Apple. To display a Finder window, you can do one of four things:  Click the Finder icon on the far left side of the Dock.  Select File ➤ New Finder Window from the menu bar.  Choose Open in Finder or More in Finder when viewing applications, documents, or downloads in folders or stacks in the Dock.  Double-click the icon of a hard disk,.

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