Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, El Capitan Edition

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, El Capitan Edition

Language: English

Pages: 808

ISBN: 1491917970

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Those who have made the switch from a Windows PC to a Mac have made Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual a runaway bestseller. The latest edition of this guide delivers what Apple doesn't—everything you need to know to successfully and painlessly move your files and adapt to Mac's way of doing things. Written with wit and objectivity by Missing Manual series creator and bestselling author David Pogue, this book will have you up and running on your new Mac in no time.

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The Shift key also slows the un-minimizing animation, the one you see when you click a window icon in the Dock to restore it to full size. Speed it up. There’s no keystroke for making the animation go faster. You can, however, substitute a faster style of animation. To do so, choose aÆDockÆDock Preferences. From the “Minimize windows using” pop-up menu, choose Scale Effect. Now, instead of collapsing through an invisible funnel, minimized windows simply shrink as they fly down to the Dock,.

List view into groups by name, date, kind, and so on, with tidy headings that help you make sense of it all. This unsung feature is described under “Arrange By and Sort By” on page 56. chapter 2: folders, dock & windows 61 List View Flippy Triangles One of the Mac’s most attractive features is the tiny triangle that appears to the left of a folder’s name in a list view. In its official documents, Apple calls these buttons disclosure triangles; internally, the programmers call them flippy.

Apple account, for easy re-downloading. Bottom: As with the iPhone/iPad App Store, you can read reviews of each piece of software, written by other people who’ve tried it. There are some huge advantages to this system. Since there’s no box, disc, registration card, shipping, or stocking, the software can cost a lot less; Apple’s own programs certainly reflect this price advantage. Plenty of programs in the App Store are actually free. Furthermore, Apple controls the transaction on both ends—it.

Combo formats like .tar.gz or .tgz. Fortunately, you generally don’t have to worry about any of this; most web browsers, including Safari, automatically unzip and unstuff downloads of all types. A. B. C. Figure 4-2: A: This is the downloaded compressed file. Doubleclick to get… B: The .dmg (disk image) file. Double-click it to “mount” the disk image. C: And now, the disk image itself. Double-click to open the installer window. (Dismiss the warning that the software came from the Internet.).

Split Screen mode in OS X El Capitan. Top: Hold down the green ƒ button in the first app. Second from top: That half of your screen gets a blue tint. Third from top: Release the mouse; that window now fills half of your entire screen. Meanwhile, all other open windows appear in miniature so that you can choose the one you want to fill the other half of your screen. (There may even be a little pile of additional window cards at the bottom corner. These are apps whose software companies have been.

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