Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery)

Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery)

Laura Childs

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0425246647

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is attending the Heritage Society's Pirates and Plunder show when a histroy intern is murdered amidst the gold earrings and doubloons. Even with that on her plate, Theodosia still has to attend Charleston's Food and Wine Festival, where she's hosting a tea and cheese tasting. But as her thoughts keep drifting to the victim, Theodosia knows she'll have to whet her investigative skills to find the killer among a schooner of suspects.

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Event was open to the public." "Then you have to call Granville," Drayton said. "Find out for sure, so you can put your mind at ease." "Are you crazy?" said Theodosia. "I can't just call Granville and ask him a question like that. He'll think I'm a complete and utter nut job!" Drayton let one eyebrow quiver for a millisecond. "But you're more than a little curious. Admit it." "Yes," said Theodosia. "Who wouldn't be? In light of ... well, you know." "So call and ask." "Come on," said.

Museology.” “No kidding. Where'd you go to school?" "Right after I returned from the Gulf War, I did a double major in Greek art and journalism at NYU. Then I got a master's in museology at the University of Chicago." Theodosia did a little mental arithmetic. Max was a little older than she'd first thought. "So you've worked in other museums, too?" Theodosia asked. She stared at the kettle. Nothing seemed to be happening. No rattle, no bubbles. Except, of course, she was fidgeting like crazy.

Jet-black earrings that swayed hypnotically and matched her beaded bag. Drayton was dressed as Drayton. Tweed jacket, khaki slacks, slip-on loafers. "You'd have been artsy yourself if you skipped the socks," Theodosia told him. Drayton snorted in disdain. "No socks? Please. A gentleman always wears socks." Theodosia gazed around the gallery, which was basically a converted warehouse with highly polished wood floors and de rigueur white walls. "It's so crowded in here I can barely see the.

Imagination had carried her far, far away, into a different, high-adventure realm. Then again, Theodosia looked like she might have slipped in from an earlier century. Her abundance of auburn hair could have inspired Raphael; her fair English skin seemed tempered by the cool, rainy weather of the Salisbury Plain. Theodosia's blue eyes sparkled with barely contained energy, and her face, with its high cheekbones and full mouth, was agile and expressive. Theodosia never bothered to keep a tight.

Parker, "there is. I know we talked about hitting that new oyster bar tonight, but it looks like I have to run down to Savannah. Remember that restaurant I told you about ... the one I was thinking about buying a stake in?" "Brandywine's?" She thought the name was corny, but she'd eaten there once and the food had been terrific. "That's it exactly," said Parker. “Anyway, it seems the place is on the auction block sooner than expected. So I'm going to mosey down to meet the owner and talk terms.".

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