Raven Rise (Pendragon #9)

Raven Rise (Pendragon #9)

D.J. MacHale

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 1416914196

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is where it begins. The showdown for Halla. At stake is nothing less than all that ever was and all that will be.

There's only one thing missing--Bobby Pendragon.

While Bobby remains trapped on Ibara, the battle moves to his home territory: Second Earth. Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde are left on their own to defend Second Earth agsinst the forces of Saint Dane. They must face off against a charismatic cult leader who has risen to power by revealing a shattering truth to the people of Earth: They are not alone.

The Convergence has broken down the walls. The territories are on a collision course. The final phase of Saint Dane's quest to rule Halla is under way.

And Bobby Pendragon is nowhere to be found.

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Stood with his arms folded. Hirsch brought Mark and Courtney sodas and chips. Neither cared. Neither ate. Hirsch took off his gray suit jacket and sat down in the chair across from the two friends. “So?” he said casually. “Where have you guys been?” It was such a simple question that had an impossibly complicated answer. Courtney jumped in first. “I just took off,” she said bluntly. “I was going through a lot at home, you know, with getting injured and all. When Mark's parents died, it was.

Was smiling. “Well, maybe you did and maybe you didn't, but there's one thing for sure...it's a miracle.” She backed away from the boy, finally pulling off her mask. Her smile was as big and broad as Alexander thought. It made him smile as well. “It's a miracle!” she repeated and ran off through the curtains, calling, “Doctor! Doctor! Come quickly!” Alexander lay there smiling. He wasn't sure why. He felt good, that was for certain, but after all, it was only a dream. He thought he would wake up.

Nearly fifty yards in front of them. At least, it used to be a wall of hay bales. It was now a mass of burning debris, surrounded by huge crater holes from the cannonballs. The tak was very effective. Once all was ready, the third knight scratched a small metal device that Alder realized was making a spark. The knight held it next to a thin rope that dangled from the rear end of the cannon. A fuse. After two flicks, the rope was set on fire. While the three knights stood back and covered their.

He realized it might very well be his turn. Running and hiding in the closet might have been tempting, but it wouldn't change things. It was time for him to step into the show. On the outer wall of his living room were two large windows covered by white horizontal blinds. They weren't much different from the windows he had in his normal apartment, except that his regular blinds were vertical. No big deal. Vertical? Horizontal? Who cared? If this was the worst he'd see, he figured he could handle.

Bedoowan and the Milago become the aggressive force that Uncle Press feared? What would that mean to the rest of Denduron? Was the territory going to be ruled by fear and aggression? Was this what Saint Dane wanted? Was the territory going to be laid waste like Veelox? Was this going to be the future of every territory? My head hurt worse now than when I had first been brought to the hospital. “I'd like to see Alder,” I said. Rellin scowled. “Alder has been imprisoned.” I wanted to jump up and.

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